2022 BMW iX – First Electric SUV from German Car Manufacturing Pioneer

The 2022 BMW iX is the first electric SUV from the pioneer of automobile industry. It offers a smooth ride along with a fancy interior and cutting-edge electric powertrain. Also, the exterior has some futuristic looks making it one of the stylish and best-equipped vehicles.

People looking to get an electric car should check out this vehicle and opt for a test drive when in BMW dealership near Arroyo Grande. However, if you want, can check out a few details about this EV below.


Two types of variants are offered to potential buyers of this electric vehicle. The first model is xDrive50 that is equipped with two electric motors and power of these two combined delivers 516 horsepower and AWD drivetrain is standard. This trim will take just 4.4 seconds or less to reach 0-60 mph.

Apart from this trim, another high-performance one is also available that generates 600 ponies. It will be launched after xDrive50 trim. It will have options like RWD system, air suspension with adjusting features, and more. Both powertrains will provide a driver with an abundance of power, agile handling, and a smooth ride. Moreover, this vehicle is also energy efficient.

This electric car is equipped with a battery pack of 106.3 kWh and on a full charge, BMW stated that it will offer a driving range of 300 miles. Also, DC power fast-charging is a standard option; this car can recharge from 10% to 80% within 35 minutes or so if it is connected to a connection of 200-kW.

Furthermore, this car will have a long list of charging stations through BMW’s partnership with EVgo. However, people can also opt to charge their cars through a home charging level 2 station.

Superior interior

BMW cars are known for their classy and luxurious interior. The same goes for 2022 BMW iX. The cabin is similar in size to that of BMW X5s and X6s. High-tech and modern is how one can describe the interior in short. Curved touchscreen, steering with hexagonal shape, etc. are just some things that can be mentioned here.

Also, the sunroof comes with electrochromic shading, which can be found in just some cars. Heated and power-adjusted front seats, premium stereo system, genuine and faux-leather upholsteries, are just some of the features that you will enjoy. The best option is to visit BMW dealer Arroyo Grande for additional details and a test drive.

The xDrive50 starts from $84,195, while the M60’s estimated starting price is $95,000 as BMW hasn’t revealed the official price of M60.

Both these trims offer more than just an electric car. It offers remarkable performance along with a supreme and luxurious interior. It is an EV that should people’s first choice if an individual is looking to purchase one.

Despite being the first electric SUV from BMW, they have done a commendable job in creating this car. Don’t take anyone’s word for it; simply contact a dealer for a test ride. As soon as you take it, you will ask them to get paperwork done as you will be impressed enough to buy it immediately.