Importanceof SEO to digital marketing in New Zealand?


In an ever-evolving role of digital marketing in Aucklandand New Zealand wide and with people who trust what they find online every day, business success often depends on what they do or don't do to promote your business.

In any business, be it a large New Zealand technology consultancy, a restaurant in Auckland or a small online shop selling worldwide, an effective SEO strategy is a smart way to increase awareness online, attract new customers.

As an Auckland SEO Agency, we have gathered threekey reasons why you should include SEO in your digital marketing strategy.


1. SEO in digital marketing, a joint effort

When marketers rate different platforms and channels, they often rate them individually. This is not a bug, but it is not the only and best way to do it. How can the efforts of one and the other be reinforced through joint efforts?

The efforts of SEO and PPC campaigns can be combined in many ways, and while they work separately, an effective SEO strategy can improve the quality of PPC campaigns and vice versa.

Keywords. Keywords play a vital role in both SEO and paid advertising. For example, you can use the keywords that are most beneficial to add to the pages of your website. Although your website is currently only generating leads through this channel, you may want to lower your investment costs or not pay for them in the future. It depends on your strategy.

Optimizing processes. How much time do both teams spend doing in-depth keyword research and when we add optimisation? If we combine the efforts of both activities, we can get keyword research that serves as the basis for identifying and planning both regular activities and paid campaigns.

The effectiveness of PPC campaigns. Acquisition costs, relevance, SERP position, conversion rate are some of the aspects that can be improved by optimizing your website and thus the campaign performance.

In short, by combining one tactic with the efforts of another, you can lower your customer acquisition costs and make your marketing efforts profitable.


2. SEO as the backbone of inbound marketing, create a conversion funnel.

Do you know that about 90% of users have not yet formed an opinion about the brand before starting a search.

When we think of a growth flywheel, it all starts with getting outsiders to the website. This is driven by numerous search engine optimisation efforts, from creating an SEO-optimised strategy for digital content to developing a backlink strategy to improving the surfing experience.

As soon as we generate a steady stream of visitors, the flywheel has enough power to turn. That is, we can start developing measures aimed at converting visits into leads, from leads into MQL, from MQL into business opportunities, and finally into customers. And that's what we'll talk about in the next paragraph.




3. SEO increases sales through qualified traffic.

How does this effort translate into sales? SEO is a constant source of lead generation. Unlike people who have a work schedule, SEO works around the clock.

To say an SEO strategy is effective, you need to attract leads. Suppose you are a travel agent. The positioning of "Australia accommodation" is not the same as "cheap airline tickets", it all depends on your business of course.

Which user is more likely to make a purchase and that it also represents a significant amount? SEO is not just about positioning a website in the first place, it is also about doing it in a way that generates revenue for the business.

It would be pointless to attract hundreds of visitors who will never buy from you. But it all depends on your strategy, for example, potential customers who don't buy from you can generate constant traffic and increase the authority of the website.


The article was prepared by PianovDigital. We are always happy to help you withSEO and Digital Marketing.

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