Make Gemstone Jewellery an Indispensable Part of Your Collection

 Can you imagine a woman’s world without makeup, trendy outfits, and jewellery? We are sure you can’t! Needless to say matching jewellery to the outfits is what we crave to add that pinch of perfection to the look. It almost instantly uplifts the overall demeanor and further highlights our personality. We are sure you have your collection of prized jewelry, but does it contain jewelry studded with exquisite gemstones? It’s a common perception to link gemstone jewelry with Indian traditional jewelry, but as years have passed renowned jewelers like Melorra have come up with some fantastic gemstone studded lightweight trinkets that make them a perfect daily wear choice. You can explore this page to get swooned over with their collection. 

Still, contemplating this idea? Let us give you some reasons to shop for these beauties next time you want to gift yourself something unique and precious.

1. They Radiate Brillance:  Gemstones are nothing but natural minerals that are bestowed with beauty in abundance. Most precious and semi-precious gemstones reflect light when they are cut and polished by the jewelers. Each gemstone has a unique way of reflecting the light that looks stunning when witnessed from different angles. Gemstones add a mystic charm to your jewelry, and you will be surprised to see how beautiful and unique these look when you adorn them.

2. They Brighten Up Your Dull Outfit: Want to jazz up your dull monotone gown? Turn to gemstone jewelry to create a majestic look. From having them studded into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even rings, there is so much you can do with these splendor stones. You can even create color contrasts, for example, with a navy blue cocktail gown, you can pair a brilliant green emerald and diamond-studded bib necklace, or pair cheerful yellow citrine earrings with a pastel pink top at work. Wondering which online jewelers to narrow down to pick the finest gemstone jewelry? You can head to Melorra, this website to purchase gemstone earrings that are stunning and affordable.  

3. Draw Inner Peace and Healing Powers: It’s not an unknown fact that gemstones have an impact on our over well-being. Since ancient times astrologers have been recommending people to wear birthstones to improve their health, attract wealth, ward off evil eyes and even detox the body. Some gemstones have even medicinal value and it helps in healing illnesses related to the heart, lungs, liver, and even eyes. So you enjoy the dual benefits of owning a stylish piece of jewelry that has mystic powers!

4. They Match Indian as Well as Western Outfits: The best part about gemstones is that you will find them studded into heavy traditional jewelry as well as in delicate lightweight jewelry, and this is possible based on the size of the gemstone and the way these are cut to embed into the groves. So you are sure to find a beautiful pair of jhumkas studded with rubies to match your silk sarees or even a pair of studs that have multicolored gemstones nested together to give you a feminine touch. 

Thanks to its versatility, gemstone jewelry is a must-have in your collection.