2022 Hyundai Kona N Comes with Extra Horsepower, Better Styling and More

The Hyundai Kona series is one of the best-selling series from the car manufacturer. Now an even advanced 2022 Hyundai Kona N is being sold in the market. It enhances the way Kona series is by providing Kona N with more ponies, better styling, etc. If you talk to East Los Angeles Hyundai dealer you can get yourself a test drive as well as book it, to get quick delivery. Now just take a look at its more and other aspects.

Powertrain of Kona N

The engine, which sits under the hood is a 4-cylinder 2L engine that is the same as the one used for sporty Veloster. Though it is known for making 276 horsepower, a red button has been added to Kona N’s steering wheel, pressing it will increase10-hp for 20 seconds.

Gear shifting takes place with the help of automatic dual-clutch 8-speed transmission and power is sent directly to its front wheels. Its over-boost function is one of the most fun features of this vehicle. Steering is quick responsive and helm provides adequate feedback. Road noise is kept at minimal and if there is any con available for this vehicle, the performance overcomes it significantly.

This vehicle will deliver 26 mpg on highway and in cities, it will give 20 mpg and combined it offers something between 22-23 mpg. To know more about the gas efficiency of this vehicle, it is better to visit East Los Angeles Hyundai dealership.

Sporty interior

The N series from Hyundai has one thing common irrespective of the model; every car’s interior is kept sporty, which matches the exterior body and gives it a distinct taste. The 2022 Hyundai Kona N comes with contrast stitching, shifter knob, mode buttons, and more to give it the x-factor.

The performance blue color “N” badge stitched on the black interior gives it a contrasting effect that makes people fall in love instantly. It is also spacious and offersa similar cargo carrying capacity as a regular Kona.

Also, Hyundai offers digitized gauge clusters to give it a modern look. Also, other features include lap monitoring data, track maps, an 8-speaker premium stereo, wireless charging are some which can be mentioned here.

Also, it has ample safety amenities and standard driver assistance features to ensure that people who drive this vehicle not only have fun when driving but also be confident on road due to all the safety measures taken by Hyundai.

Price tag

The 2022 Kona N comes in just one variant and it is priced at $35,425 only. Apart from the body color, there is pretty much nothing else to choose for an individual, who decides to purchase this vehicle.

This is one of the best vehicles that can be used on track as well as for every driving on road. Its ability to perform flawlessly in every situation is what makes it an amazing vehicle to buy. So, check out this vehicle along with its additional horsepower, better styling, and more today by visiting a Hyundai dealer near you.

Don’t miss the opportunity of owning such an amazing car!


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