5 things to consider to pick the best women’s glasses


Choosing the right pair of glasses for yourself is all about balancing proportions. It’s true that most of us need glasses for our low vision, but glasses have also become a stylish accessory regardless of age. 

As the variety in frame styles have increased over the years, you now have more options than ever to choose your ideal frame from. 

But, how do you find the best pair when you don’t know what style suits you? Don’t fret! I’ve put together this guide to help you find the most flattering glasses for your face shape and personality. 

Find frames for your face shape

To give you n understanding of which frame styles will look good on you, here’s an overview of all the face shapes and eyeglasses frames that complement them the best. 

Round face shapes 

A round face has full cheekbones and a soft jawline. Square and rectangle frames are the best choices to create more definition and add angles to a round face shape. 

Square face shapes 

Square face shapes have prominent angles and a strong jawline. You can soften the appearance of your angles with round and oval glasses in thin metal rims. 

Heart-shaped faces 

If you have a heart-shaped face, then the upper portion of your face is visibly larger than the bottom. A range of frame styles will suit you including vintage cat-eye or oval glasses. Deep squares will lend a bold punch to your personality. Oversized reading glasses or prescription specs also look great on this face shape and grab attention. 

Diamond-shaped faces 

A diamond face shape has a narrow hairline and sharp features. Round or oval glasses are best to tone down the angles of your features. Cat-eye frames that are wider than the width of your eye line will flatter your face without making it look small. 

Oval face shapes 

An oval face is ideal to pull off a lot of frame styles from round to square. It all comes down to your features and the look you’re going for. If your jawline is soft, then you might want to play with angular frames. However, if your face is heavy with angular features, you can keep it down with round frames. 

Choose frame colour for your skin tone

When you’re choosing a frame colour, lean towards colours that blend more with your skin tone. 

If you have a cool skin tone with a pinkish or purple cast to your skin, calm hues such as silver, blue, forest green, muted black and nude pink will suit you.

Warm skin tones have a yellow cast to the skin. Frames smeared in brown, beige, yellow, golden or olive green will flatter your skin tone. 

If you don’t know what your skin tone is, choose something in neutral or even better, transparent frame glasses. These glasses don’t have any colour but still have a way of brightening up your face. 

What’s your personality like?

Your glasses act as a spokesperson for your personality. For instance, those with hipster style chunky rectangular glasses are considered to be smarter and intelligent. And, those with thin round frames are taken as more friendly and approachable. 

Also, those who wear colourful glasses are seen are more creative and artistic. 

Choose the best for your lifestyle

Your glasses should also be suitable for your lifestyle. Women with an athletic lifestyle should go for frames that are flexible and can take a few hits on the ground. 

If you have a corporate job, then rectangular or rimless glasses would be the safest choice for you. College girls can have fun with trendy styles and the latest designs in glasses such as geometric glasses or transparent frames. 

Focus on comfort

If your glasses are for vision correction, then you’re most likely to wear them for long hours every day. Thus, these glasses should be comfortable, lightweight and good for your skin.

Titanium frames and acetate glasses make for the most lightweight frame material of them all. Also, get the right frame size so your glasses don’t feel too tight against the temporal bones. 

With these tips, you are good to buy the best pair of women’s glasses that flatter you in every way. 

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