How to obtain SASO IECEE National Recognition Certificate?


The SASO IECEE National Recognition Certificate is a conformity certificate developed by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) in order to ensure the safety of many high-risk electrical products as a part which comes in line with the objectives of the products safety program(Saleem) that aims to control the harmful products in the Saudi market and protect the consumers and environment.

SASO obligated the importers and manufacturers of the products covered by the SASO IECEE Certificate to ensure that their products conform to the international IEC standards so that they can obtain the certificates otherwise their products would be prevented from being placed in the market.

To apply for SASO IECEE Certificates many elements must be taken into consideration to get a smooth process of obtaining it and these elements will be explained in detail as follows:

The platform for applying for the SASO IECEE Certificate

To apply for the SASO IECEEE Certificate the importer or the manufacturer should initiate an application via jeem 1 platform.

A technical file for the concerned product must be attached with the application and this file should include the following documents:

1. IECEE CB Test Report

2. IECEE CB Certificate.

3. (Manufacture/Importer) Declarations of Conformity.

4. Arabic Manual.

5. Detailed images for the products.

6. Label Product Images.

7. Commercial registration.

8. Energy Efficiency Certificate (for lighting products)

9. Communications Information Technology Certificate (CITC) (for electronic devices that use a sim card)

In case there is a charger with the product the following documents are required:

1. IECEE CB Test Report for the charger.

2. IECEE Certificate for the charger.

3. Detailed images for the charger.

4. Label Images for the charger.

After submitting all the documents above the application gets reviewed by SASO and if found completed the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate is issued via jeem 1, and the products get listed in its system.

The role of the Certification Body and laboratory in issuing the SASO IECEE Certificate

The role of the SASO-approved Certification bodies is very crucial as they carry out required conformity assessment and issue the CB Test Certificate.

Assigning a trusted certification body is half the way to obtaining the SASO IECEE Certificate, as the certificate is valid for one year which makes co-operating with the certification body on an annual basis in order to renew the certificate.

On the other hand, the laboratory is responsible for issuing the required CB Test Report, so choosing a trusted accredited laboratory facilitates the mission of completing your technical file.

In the end, you might find yourself lost among all these procedures and requirements, but SanedCert company with its huge experience in the Saudi market will provide you with comprehensive technical support to complete the technical file and apply for the certificate. 

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