Norstrat: History, Objectives, Consulting, main focus, services and Many More

Introduction to Norstrat:

Norstrat Consulting Inc is a consulting firm that has gained a lot of popularity these days. The firm was created with the sole purpose of helping clients with strong focus as well as integrating different features. Features and components to enhance conversion sales, as well as Canada’s Northern Strategy. 

The consulting firm is overseen by Lee Carson, an experienced magnet in the area. Mr. Carson has been a well-known and respected member of Canada’s aerospace and defense communities. He is passionate about the area and his lifelong passion for everything adds to it.  This can certainly be seen in the way he consults with his consulting firm.

History of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was formed with the express intention of supporting customers that have a specific commercial goal or legal obligation to execute aspects of the Canadian Northern Strategy. Lee Carson, a principal consultant with the Department of National Resources of Canada until becoming a full-time consultant, founded NORSTRAT Consulting in 1988. He has since become one of the most sought-after names in the telecom and information technology industries in North America.

His remarkable accomplishments have garnered him several accolades, including the Order of the British Empire (OTOE) from Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the Canadian telecommunications industry. This includes working with Bell Canada as a telecom consultant and an expert on communications and technological challenges. With this background, it’s easy to see why NORSTRAT would want to work with a think tank to assist establish a strategy plan, especially one that addresses communications and other critical parts of their customers’ operations.

As a result, Mr. Carson partnered with Pacific Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) in Berkeley, California. Their objective was to work with firms at the cutting edge of the Information Age, assisting them in the design and development of cutting-edge communications technology. In turn, they believed that their effort would help their customer, resulting in higher earnings for those businesses. A number of Canadian firms were involved in creating new and innovative telecommunications technologies as part of this research foundation.

They were required to create a business case as well as technical data on the advantages that such systems provided to their clients. Many of them had previously worked for government agencies and were familiar with the processes and procedures involved in applying for federal assistance. Other businesses created their own business cases, allowing them to deliver more thorough information to their clients and adjust it to the needs of various sorts of businesses. The consequence was frequently a more powerful package that could be employed in the densely populated Canadian northwest route at the time. The Canadian corporations were involved in a variety of collaborative ventures while working with the PRI. One such project looked at how their technology may be combined in the transportation sector. Many of the massive communication networks that had grown in Canada were now being utilised throughout the world in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Norstrat established its research foundation in response to the difficulties that huge corporations experienced in completing their projects on time. They sought to demonstrate how they might overcome such challenges and become leaders in their professions with the support of this think tank.

The last chapter of the Northwest Passage tale explains how Norstrat and PRI were able to influence how Canadian and foreign companies approached their telecommunications operations. In this advertising, you will discover about what they did to assist these big businesses in developing new business strategies. The narrative goes on to discuss the developments that occurred once Norstrat and the other Canadian companies became engaged. This is a fantastic tutorial on how to set up a productive think tank. It also demonstrates how, when tiny organisations are devoted to studying a certain subject of study, they may achieve great things.

They created a new underwater search technique based on satellite pictures that revealed what regions were currently beneath the surface. Because the water pressure was too high, they were able to drill into these places without inflicting too much harm. Satellite pictures revealed which locations have the highest potential for oil and gas resources. Norstrat created a technique based on this data that allowed oil firms to locate additional probable oil and gas resources beneath the ocean floor. When Norstrat and other Canadian companies banded together in the 1990s to establish a new offshore oil corporation, they didn’t expect to face many challenges in getting the project off the ground. However, after they got in the water, they noticed that everything had changed. There was very little visibility offshore. They couldn’t even send an underwater camera into the location without it crashing to the bottom.

This is a fascinating chapter in Norstrat’s history. They had a highly successful first year, but no government support was provided. They did, however, win contracts from a number of oil corporations to test their technology in the sea. The tests went well, and the present government gave them permission to continue testing so that they could begin producing this product. They should be able to create this product and begin manufacturing by the end of the current fiscal year if they secure government money this year.

Founder of Norstrat

A group of former Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, officials, and Northern business executives formed the Norstrat Group of firms. The consulting branch of The Norstrat Group Of Companies is NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated. NORSTRAT has been charged with providing advisory services to government entities responsible with putting the Northern Strategy into action. NORSTRAT Consulting’s principal customer, the Canadian Armed Forces, is now in the process of commissioning various private sector military manufacturing, research, and development businesses to create weapons, equipment, and logistical support for them.

Norstrat Provides Partners Special Training:

Norstrat ensures that its operations adhere to NORSTRAT guidelines. The Norstrat Group of Companies is dedicated to offering additional services to our partners in addition to consulting services. It has established the following programs as part of its commitment:

1. Annual Security Meetings, which allow members to cooperate, discuss best practises, and network with security experts from a variety of disciplines.
2, Members may get customised training from our skilled business, financial, and physical security professionals, who have been hand-picked for their experience with Edmonton Police Services, RCMP National Security Programs, and Canadian Special Forces Units.
3. A dedicated relationship with a NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated security specialist who will work with our partners to resolve any security issues they may have.
4. Exclusive savings on NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated’s business, financial, and physical security solutions that are not available in the retail market.

Competitors of Norstrat

According to many researchers and experts, there is technically no competitor of Norstrat. So you do not have to worry about that.

Evolution of Norstrat

Since its foundation in 1988, Lee Carson has led Norstrat Consulting, a former lead adviser for the Canadian Department of National Coffers. With his success in the telecom and IT business in North America, he has come a successful brand. The Order of the British Empire (OTOE) distinction was bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his benefactions to Canada’s telecommunications assiduity. His stylish achievement was when Bell Canada hired him as a telecom adviser, and he served as a counsel on dispatches and technological challenges.

So, it’s easy to see why a consulting company like Norstrat would seek out the backing of an independent exploration association to produce an effective strategy for their guests’ enterprises. As a result. Carson formed a cooperation with the Pacific Research Institute,Inc. (PRI), a Berkeley, California- grounded think tank. As part of its purpose, they aimed to work with companies at the frontier of the Information Age to develop slice- edge communication technology. As a result, they anticipated that their labor would help their guests and, in turn, boost the profitability of their guests.

Services of Norstrat

Businesses can calculate on Norstrat to deliver a wide range of services. Crisis communication services are handed by Norstrat, which helps companies track their challengers’ conditioning and prepare an effective dispatches strategy. They’re also useful in determining and tracking the reports of your challengers on the internet.

The company’s thing is to help guests increase their gains by developing innovative technology with the support of expert workers. Norstrat specializes in Canadian government- funded structure systems. It acts as a board of counsels for new coastal companies, guiding them through formulating their strategies.  The company’s part in the country’s social and profitable well- being cannot be exaggerated. Between the two gutters, the company has stepped up its presence in the western world. In addition, Norstrat has an online police force for dealing with colorful controversies.
Consulting and communication services from Norstrat are comprehensive. Norstrats’strategic experts may also help guests with everything from developing a new totem to enforcing a new business strategy. As a cover, a product may be released in order to plan and apply customer magnet and retention strategies.

Welcome to NORSTRAT

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. has been created for the express purpose of helping clients with a responsibility or a business goal to implement components of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

NORSTRAT Consulting is owned and operated by Lee Carson. Mr. Carson is a respected long-time member of Canada’s aerospace and defence community with a life-long passion for all things polar.

NORSTRAT Consulting believes that the Northern Strategy represents Canada’s most important, challenging and exciting program opportunity of the 21st century. We’d like to help you play your part.

1. Federal Major Crown Procurement track record
2. Arctic and Maritime Domain Awareness subject matter expertise
3. Life long passion for all things Arctic

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NORSTRAT Consulting


NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. has been created for the express purpose of helping clients with a responsibility or a business goal to implement components of Canada's Northern Strategy. NORSTRAT Consulting is owned and operated by Lee Carson. Mr. Carson is a respected... Read More



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Norstrat Consulting Reviews

When it comes to Norstrat consulting, the approach is the most challenging as well as innovative. His vision is to believe that the overall strategy is responsible for representing Canada’s important and challenging program. This program is not only interesting but also one of the most focused programs of the 21st century. Needless to say, there are many sections that allow their customers to play in this program. Some aspects are most known while some are given priority over time. Below is a look at the known aspects.

Federal Focused Crown Procurement Tracking

Experience the subject of Arctic as well as maritime domain expansion

Passion for every artistic aspect.

What services does Norstrat offer? Norstrat What are it’s Flaws and Working Areas? There’s the main purpose, the main focus, the priority, the networking partners, the location, the process for the clients.

What is the main purpose of Norstrat?

Every now and then a lot of questions are asked about what Norstrat does. Well, in simple words the big focus or mission of this consulting firm is to help clients build the desired northern infrastructure. This framework works especially for those who have assets or have a business purpose to make further conversions. This allows them to fully implement the elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy within their infrastructure. The firm does this by constantly collaborating and improving its efforts to meet the needs of its clients.

What is the main focus of Norstrat?

The firm’s main focus is on major infrastructure projects and is fully funded by the government.  While this may include federal measures, the focus is the same. These include satellite, transportation as well as telecommunications, defense and social infrastructure systems. In addition, investment schemes include housing and many other similar initiatives.

What is the process of using Norrest for clients?

This process is usually done by the government and its clients with the help of the client in the overall northern strategy. In the process, they assign the task of identifying the client as well as assisting with access to key stakeholders and tasks. There are many ways to accomplish this, either by sharing domain information on key issues. Or it could include new opportunities to build better northern infrastructure. Not to mention the use of expert bidding, as well as the success of managing infrastructure development projects is an important aspect. Everything that is included in the package they offer and they make it to their liking, especially for every client in need. The client is free to discuss all of them before choosing a package for their full consultation.

Where is Norstrat located and where does it operate?

Since its registration, Norstrat has been based in Ottawa and is partnered with various departments under the federal government and agencies. The firm’s major responsibilities fall within the jurisdiction and oversight of Northern Canada. They are located near the headquarters of the nationally represented organization ITK. The organization protects major rights as well as Inuit’s concerns across Canada.  Needless to say, Ottawa also provided excellent service with continuous air connectivity from the northern regions. From here they serve their clients on all continents and often globally.

What is Norstrat Priority?

In 1885, an infrastructure project challenging the population as a whole under the federal government was shown. It spread across Canada, from east to west, and developed slowly.  This time, they are focusing on the southern and northern areas of the infrastructure for maximum expansion. This time, however, the focus is not on the railroad, but on a set of different infrastructure projects. All this is necessary for the development and security of the Northern Territories. Norstrat’s priority mission is to consult with clients on these next-tier projects.

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How many networking partners does Norstrat have?

The Northern Strategy is deep and diverse, with different approaches to disciplinary action.  All assignments are unique and match the individual needs of the individual. They have a diverse network of consulting teams and professional partners to handle these tasks. Their experts are the best at providing you with the help you need.

Norstrat’s expertise in this area

Norstrat has mastered a variety of skills throughout. Some notable ones are mentioned below.

Subject Matter Objectives

In 2014, Victoria successfully became a member of the Strait Expedition.

Authorized key areas of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Conference papers and presentations

Expanded its northern travels and networks.

Purposes of the Northern System

Successfully developed BAPS Iceberg Tracking System.

IDIAS created the Ocean Ice Mapping Device.

The MCOIN III recognized maritime photo system was also successful.

Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance is considered the most accurate of its advanced plans.

AIS-Space Arctic Marine Survey and Motion Tracking developed.

Worked with and completed the Radarsat Constellation Mission.

Business development skills

Success in the federal government with over $ 200M.

Productivity and innovation campaign strategy.

Overall bid as well as bid management.

Project management skills

From ARCS to innovative projects, he has worked with and achieved many project management goals in recent campaigns. Visit here to know Norstrat Flaws and Working Areas.

Focused Capital Project Expertise

 Success with Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel

Completion of Radar Set II.

Radarsat Nakshatra mission completed.

What services does Norstrat offer?

Norstrat Consulting Inc.  Allows for a variety of tips as well as help according to your client’s needs. Some of them are mentioned below.

They provide strategic support to any Northern Strategy campaign strategy.

Allows extensive experience of the subject.

Simplifies the initial construction process on the Northern Strategy.

Provides full support with project definition.

Business memorandum and proper closure.

Accurately describes operational requirements.

They provide a detailed definition of the procurement strategy.

Their services actively manage arrest and bid support.


Mr Carson has benefited from over M 200m in federal government contracts in Canada. This experience is definitely helpful for every starter with these infrastructure projects.