Alcoholism or Alcohol Addiction

Drinking is a common habit of people and they drink alcohol like it is not harmful but actually, it is. The use of alcohol decides what would be its effects on your health. Anything that is addicting is harmful because it ceases your brain activity and makes you think that you can’t live without it but in reality, you can’t live with it.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol drinking or alcoholism is a disorder that rises due to excessive intake of alcohol. It is observed that cases of alcohol addiction are increasing rapidly even though it is harmful.

Effects of alcohol addiction 

People start drinking alcohol in excess because of several reasons. And alcohol addiction can cause some serious issues and make the person not the same as a normal person. Alcohol addiction is excess drinking and at the start, people face some issues that are other than the health condition of an alcohol drinker. An alcohol addict has:

  • No control over his actions

  • Faces difficulty in communication 

  • Social issues 

  • Behavioral issues

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

 It is highly dangerous, so there is a need to stop it. It is not like alcohol addiction can’t be treated. Several institutes provide many favorable services to help you quit this addiction. Programs for alcohol addiction treatment for men are also provided by some healthcare institutes to get their life back to track because studies show alcohol addicts are usually men.

The alcohol content in alcoholic drink 

Different alcoholic drinks contain different content of alcohol. This is important to know because drinks with a large ratio of alcohol are more dangerous in case of excess drinking. Beer has less alcohol content than malt liquor and liquors like rum, vodka, etc. have higher alcohol content. So, the type of alcoholic juice that you drink is also a deciding factor for defining the normal intake of alcohol.

Use of alcohol 

The use of alcohol can be excessive or moderate depending upon how much alcohol is consumed and how it is consumed.

Moderate drinking 

Moderate drinking is especially important for alcoholism because it limits you to drinking up to a certain amount. For men above the legal drinking age of 21 and women, moderate drinking is 2 and 1 drink in a day respectively.

But it is better to avoid it because drinking alcohol is not a healthy activity especially before 21 years of age. If you drink alcohol the potential problems can be 

Excess drinking 

Excessive drinking can make you an alcohol addict and there are several ways of drinking in excess like binge drinking or heavy drinking. Binge drinking is drinking a lot at a time and heavy drinking is based on daily consumption of alcohol. Binge drinking is more common and one can take4 to 5 drinks on a single occasion.


Alcohol addiction has no end and it can take your life at the end. The urge to drink and in excess made it complicated and people who drink are unable to think that it can kill them. People take treatments to get themselves back to normal life.

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