Best Hair Color in India


Best Hair Colors – An Insight

New Year is just in a few days and sure you might be looking for some change in your life. Well, we advise you to go for hair coloring. Why? Good hair color can instantly lift up your mood and your looks. Take a look at the 2021’s hair color trends, all-natural! People settled for subtle shades like browns, reds, etc.

There are plenty of classic shades that are trending now as well. Hair colors depend upon various factors like skin tone, undertone, eye color, etc. Since we are talking about the best hair colors in India, it is important to know that we Indians have wheatish, dusky, and dark skin tones. Therefore, there are a lot of hair color options to go for.

Below is a list wherein you will find the best hair colors trends in India. Let us have a look at some of them.


Hair Color and Upcoming Trends

Dying your hair is a cool choice especially when you are bored of your current look. Hair color is directly related to a good mood. How? Have you ever noticed that when your hair looks good, your mood uplifts automatically. Right? So, here are some of the best hair colors in India. Book your appointment with your hairstylist now!

1.                  Shades of Red

Shades of Red are in! We call it the coolest color of the year because the shades included in the red list are just amazing. People find red hair color as the best shade as it can be customized accordingly to enhance your natural looks. Ranging from pink strawberry shade to rich garnets, red shades are definitely not to be missed! For Indian skin tones, we recommend you to try a deep amber shade. Try it now!


2.                  Face-Hair Streaks

Just two bright streaks around your face! Sounds amazing to us! Known as money-piece highlights, these hair streaks look beautiful. Remember Bella Hadid’s streaks? Yes! Just like that! Pick any hair color and get on with this technique. This technique is trendy and super-fun. You can go for shades like dark brown, burgundy, etc. The best part about these streaks is that you don’t have to go to any salon to get them. Do it yourself in the comfort of your home with Godrej expert rich crème. Get hassle-free streaks with this product.     


3.                  Winterizing

Winters are here and we know that you do not wish to go for loud shades. Subtle tweaks in your current hair shade look good. Subtle shades give a rich effect to your strands. For Indian skin tones, you can go for shades like caramel, blonde, dark brown, etc. Such shades create more depth and dimension in your hair. For instance, if you are going for a dark brown shade, we recommend you use Godrej Dark brown hair color. It’s a natural dye, infused with natural ingredients that minimize the damage done to your strands. Give your hair a rich, warmer shade with such shades.


4.                  Brown Balayage

Subtle highlights are a great way to refresh your look without making any drastic changes. What better than a brown shade? Brown is the only shade that blends effortlessly with black hair and looks gorgeous with Indian skin tones. Every now and then you will see someone having a brown or caramel shade. Brown balayage gives a nice, sun-kissed look while enhancing your natural hair color. This is one of the best hair colors that you can try.


5.                  Black Diamond

While 2020 is bidding us goodbye, it has left us with an amazing hair color choice, i.e., black diamond. Get back to the place of glamour and represent power, charisma, and authority with this hair shade. This hair color makes your hair healthy and shiny. It goes with every skin tone bringing out the rich look. This shade adds gloss to your natural hair and is a must-try. To color your hair with the natural shade, go for Godrej expert rich crème hair color.


6.                  Blonde

Wish to have a seamless transition of hair? Go for the blonde as a global color. You can also go for highlights. Whether you have wavy hair or straight, this New Year, change your look with this evergreen shade. Various shades are available in blonde. Ask your hairstylist and get a patch test before you color your hair.   


7.                  Almond Edges

Warmer months are far away but it’s not wrong thinking about the summer shades. Warm nut tones create a soft spring vibe. Shades like that of cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc., blend effortlessly and suit best with dusky and wheatish skin tones. As far as Indian skin tones are concerned, you can go for shades like deep brown, light brown, dark blonde, etc. Go for highlighting as it will make the color easily blend with your natural hair color. Use Godrej rich crème hair color for the same. 


8.                  Copper Sunset

We would just like to say that it is one of the best hair shades for every Indian skin tone. This shade is inspired by nature and sunset. Pastel shades are no doubt going strong, but going bold is the new trend. With shades of red, plum, brown, and caramel, this shade is not common. An extraordinary shade that gives you a serene look – well it’s this shade!


9.                  Hazelnut

Don’t be surprised! Hazelnut is the most common shade that never goes out of style. When you wish to go for hair coloring but cannot understand which shade to choose – go for this one. Undoubtedly, it is the most beautiful shade. The glimpses of golden and browns are low-maintenance and provide a high impact on your locks. With a perfect blending with your natural hair, this hair shade is a must-try at least once. This shade is highly recommended as we are biased for this shade!


10.              Grey

Well, most people embrace grey as a part of aging and maturity. Greys give a more natural look to an aged person. Of course, it goes without saying that grey hair needs to be carried efficiently with style. Otherwise, they will look weird. Now, if you are not in the favor of keeping and embracing greys, you can color them back as the natural color of your hair. For this, you can use the naturally black shade of Godrej expert rich crème. With the least amount of damage, this hair dye moisturizes your strands and is skin-friendly.   


11.              Mahogany

Shades of red were trending in 2020 and are still trending. A tinge of Burgundy and Mahogany looks good with black as the base color. You can go for patching or highlighting with this shade. Mahogany has started to become a trend lately and this shade is a must-try! Contact your hair specialist for more shades of red.


12.              Matte Brown

How about tricking people that you have naturally gorgeous brown hair? Yes? This shade goes well with black and blonde hair. Matte brown shade works well with every skin tone. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about looking it over the top. This is a long-lasting shade that creates a dense look.

So, these are the best hair colors in India. These colors suit well with Indian skin tones. Well, hair colors depend majorly on skin undertone. So, make sure you know your skin undertone. Try any of the shades mentioned above and tell us which one you liked the most.