Check out 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman’s Changes and Other Details

The 718 Cayman series is one of the most popular vehicles from Porsche due to its features. Hence, the 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman is no different. However, there have been a few changes made for this version, which you can always check when visiting Caliente Porsche dealer. Below are mentioned a few change aspects along with a few particular details. Take a look!

2022 718 Cayman’s changes

One of the substantial changes is an addition to Cayman lineup. Now, people can opt for a track-oriented model, which is GT4 RS. This is equipped with a flat-6 4L engine, which is equipped in the 911 GT3. It is tuned appropriately which allows it to deliver 493 horsepower. Also, it comes with supreme aerodynamics and suspension revisions that improve lap time significantly. Also, it has a full racing variant Clubsport that is ideal for various racing series.

Cayman’s sport coupe is available now in two different colors Frozen Metallic and Shark Blue. In addition, there are customizations available such as certain leather accessories, floormats, painted key fobs for matching exterior body, manual covers, and more.

These are the few major changes that can be seen for the 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman. Now have a look at the powertrain, performance, etc.

Powertrain equipped

Several potent engine choices are provided to customers. The standard option includes a 2L turbocharged flat-four engine, which is capable of producing 300 horsepower easily.The second in the line is a 2.5L turbocharged model that creates 350 ponies. All four-cylinder models offer quick acceleration and ample sound that sends a chill down the spine with excitement.

However, most people opting for a Cayman, choose to buy a flat-six naturally-aspirated 4L engine and the sound of its engine is music to the ears of driving enthusiasts. The GTS 4 model under this category creates 394 horses, GT4 produces 414-hp, and GT4 RS generates 493 horsepower.

Every Cayman will ride smooth and offer an acceleration that will impress any individual. Also, all engines are mated with a manual 6-speed transmission. Apart from it, people can also choose to get an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed, which offers quite a quick-shifting operation.

Its steering is perfect and a chassis that responds to every input. It is a balanced vehicle, irrespective of which road you drive.


Comfortable seats, user-friendly gauges, ideally placed control; in short, it is perfect. The interior is designed to be a combination of luxury and practicality, which makes it even more appealing to people. Sufficient trunk space and more allow people to store carry-ons easily. To understand it clearly, you need to check it out when in Caliente Porsche dealership.

Though the base model starts from $61,850 only, you should always go for the GT models. The GTS 4 starts from $88,750, GT4 costs $102,550 and GT4 RS is priced at $143,045.

Visit a dealership and take a look at all the available trims. It will help you in picking a model, which is ideally suited for you and also is within your budget.

So, hurry!

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