Creating a Safe, Dignified Environment in the Bathroom for Seniors


Accidents and mishaps in the bathroom are a rather common occurrence. Wet, slippery floors, constant movement around, and soapy water make a dangerous mix — it creates the right conditions for people to fall and get injured. Therefore, in order to avoid emergency visits to the hospital and ensure that a safe, accessible environment is created within the four confines of the bathroom walls, it is important to keep the following bath safety solutions in mind.

Dimensions of the bathroom

The dimensions of the bathroom must be such that it can accommodate the needs of older people. For instance, the door must be kept a minimum of 34 inches in width to accommodate a wheelchair, a sliding door will allow for easier access and levers might be better alternatives to doorknobs. The top of the sink must be between 32 to 34 inches so that it can be easily reached. The mirror must be hung low for proper visibility while sitting and there must be an option to tilt the same.

Zero threshold shower

A zero threshold shower is a shower that has no curb; meaning, a wheelchair or walker can easily slide into the shower, and the floor slopes down into the trench drain installed at the perimeter of the shower area. A built-in seat for easy showering or a portable bath chair is good options. A non-slip floor is a must in the shower area.


A handheld shower makes it easier for the user to control his or her cleansing and placing an anti-scalding mixing valve will ensure that the temperatures and water pressure are safe. Also, the controls to the showerhead must be placed at a level that is easily accessible by a person who is in a wheelchair.

Walk-in tub

A walk-in tub gives the senior the flexibility to step into the tub when it is dry and drain it all out before stepping out. There is no climbing over the edge of the tub and the controls can be placed at a convenient location too.

Grab bars

These are very handy and can work as lifesavers in many situations. A grab bar can be installed in numerous locations such as two bars on the sidewalls of the tub, on the three walls in a shower, and you may install one toilet grab bar too on the sidewall which is adjoining.


Pull-out drawers are better than having cupboards, or one can even opt-in for open storage spaces for everyday items such as towels or washcloths.

To conclude

Designing a safe and accessible bathroom that can make accommodations for wheelchairs, walkers, medical equipment, and the like, will go a long way in helping your seniors feel independent and cared for. Create a safe and dignified environment using the aforementioned bath safety solutions to cater to their daily needs. If you need one then get in touch with bathroom modifications expert.