How to prepare English section to crack ACC exam?


The most crucial question for the soldiers (non-officers) who wish to become future officers is how to simply pass the Army Cadet College (ACC) exam. Army Cadet College is really a branch of the Indian Military Academy that actually prepares serving soldiers in turning out to be commissioned officers in the Indian Army.

Remember that since there is a high demand for the job position, the level of overall competition for the shortlisting of soldiers for the Army Cadet College has steadily increased. This is the reason why it is critical to have proper idea about how to go about everything. Before you go ahead and acquire tips for your English section of ACC exam, you must know that for this exam an applicant must be between the ages of that of 20 & 27 and have served for minimum of two years as a soldier. He should have passed the 10+2 level examination or even that of an equivalent examination recognized by that of the govt. He must also have passed the ACC written examination and might be married or not.

Know the syllabus

Once you know the syllabus, you can sensibly arrange the syllabus and areas with your examination scheduled to successfully finish the ACC Syllabus on time, leaving much of time for revision later. Remember that for preparing for the ACC Entry you will have to prepare the syllabus well and have to properly attend the maximum questions in the exams. The ACC Army cadet college entry is actually best for the soldiers of the Army, Airmen of Indian Air force and even that of sailors of the Indian Navy, etc. They all can actually apply for the ACC entry to turn out to be an officer in the Indian Army.

Interactive Communicative English

You must know that the type of Questions in this component are going to be designed to test and evaluate your understanding and knowledge of the English language. In specific, the communicative skill. You can easily and confidently attempt the utmost possible question if your speaking sense is absolutely refined and good.

Solve the papers of past years

If you are already studying English books or English material, that is wonderful. But to make more sense to your prep, make sure that you are practicing through solving exams from the past at BYJU’s Exam Prep. You need to solve the papers from the previous years to complete clarity on ACC syllabus. In this way, you would know what type of questions are going to be there for you and you can accordingly adjust your prep. Of course, in English, you can do really well if you prep well. You just need to find out the type of questions or areas that are covered by the questions in the previous exams. Once you do that, you can practice questions of that nature and your practice would make you proficient and productive at your prep.

Also, if you find some doubts with the English area, make sure that you do not keep it with you. Talk to professionals. Remember, if the base is not clear or you have doubts, it could lead to disappointing outcomes. You need to be considerate about everything. Once you discuss your English concepts with professionals, they would guide you about where you may be going wrong. Also, reading maximum possible books would be helpful for you to grasp English area well. Not to forget to practice maximum possible Idioms and words. In this way, you would make your English base stronger and hence, better level of performance.


To sum up, the English area of the ACC exam is not really too hard if you are preparing well and in a focused manner.