KTM Adventure 350 VS Royal Enfield Himalayan

 Both bikes are considered adventure bikes at different price levels. However, to find out which one is better read the full article!

Always be ready for an Adventure with the KTM ADV 350!


Although the Himalayan paved the way for India's affordable ADV, the ride was not easy at first. After all, this is an adventure bike. There are many defects and quality problems and Royal Enfield quickly solved these problems with the newer version of the BS4 bike that was launched in 2018 proving to be significantly better than the older one. However, with the BS6 standard coming into effect, Himalayan has received another update, and we believe it is now the best version since 2016.


Although the Himalayan has improved, it is undeniable that this is not an exciting car in terms of engine performance. This is where the new KTM 350 Adventure comes into play. KTM 350 is an ADV, but it performs differently. It has explosive performance, sophisticated off-road equipment, and a very catchy design. This is of course much more expensive, but it also has more advantages.


KTM Adventure 350 VS Royal Enfield Himalayan

At the core of the KTM is the well-known powerful engine: the same 373 cc single-cylinder engine as the 390 Duke. The output power of the engine is 42.9 horsepower. And 37 Nm of torque, which is again the same as the RE Himalayan. It is combined with the same six-speed gearbox with exactly the same gear ratio. Therefore, the performance is not much different. The acceleration is sharp and the speed is very fast. A short-stroke engine, the engine speeds up frantically. The gear changes are smooth and the quick derailleur works well. The clutch is very light, and all transmission components work synchronously with the engine's ignition behavior. During the journey, he was as exciting as his naked brother and even more exciting. The only disadvantage of the gearbox is that it vibrates a lot. As soon as you operate the starter, you will immediately feel the vibration of the steering wheel. Continuing, when the engine reaches 4000 RPM, the pins will also buzz. 43 horses are fun, but they are easy to ride.


Surprisingly, the 411cc single-cylinder Himalayanengine seems more perfect when idling. There is vibration, but it is well controlled. The engine also has a vivid soundtrack, which is very good. Compared to the harsh nature of 390, the Himalayan is calmer. This is a long-stroke engine that takes a while to accelerate, but it spins very freely. Low torque is relatively stronger, and throttle response is better at low speed. It is very powerful, and when the engine is out of breath, the torque distribution is even as high as 7000 rpm. The grip is difficult, and the gearbox leaves a feeling of grooves on the BS4. Commuting is a wonderful, beautiful engine, powerful and exciting enough in its own way. But he doesn't have KTM motivation on the open road; indeed, paying attention to 390 Adventure can be exhausting, and let me keep up. Himalayan only covers 135 km/h on the speedometer, while KTM easily overcomes the 160 km/h mark on the same road.


The RE Himalayan is considered one of the best adventure bikes on a low budget!



At Shift up, we have tested these two ADVs on asphalt and off-road roads you can consider that they are both equally good cars, albeit in different ways. As you can see, KTM is fast, incredibly addictive, and has the latest technology. Not to mention that this is a premium motorcycle with great value for money. Considering your equipment, it can be said that it is not designed for extreme off-road driving, but the fact is that 95% of buyers will do anything according to your requirements, whether on the highway or long distance, off-road-highway. On the road, from time to time, or on a curve, this KTM does all this for you.


On the other hand, the Himalayan is not as attractive as KTM, but it is much cheaper and is a good introduction to the world of ADV. It is not as cruel as KTM, nor does it have so many decorations. But like ADV, it has a reason-it is a comfortable touring bike, easier to use, offers good performance, and has neutral handling. When the driving becomes difficult, it will only slip over Obstacles without worrying about approaching.

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