Learn the Best Place to Play Carrom and Earn Money from the Comfort of Home


Playing games is an important part of one’s daily activities for ages. Games help you relieve the hassles and chaos of everyday life, adding fun and entertainment instead. However, in today’s fast life, people often remain detached from their true companions and it takes lengthy planning to meet and get-together, whether family or friends. This is when the online games walk in, opening the doors of entertainment for you in a more convenient way. Now, you can play games in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can also play carrom and earn money at home!

Here are some of the rules to earn while playing carrom:

  • Knowing how to play carrom is the first rule you should follow. Unless you know the basics of the game, you are never winning.

  • Try to practice as much as you can. There are some tips and tricks of playing carrom online. Get acquainted with these and enjoy your gaming experience while learning new rules.

  • Don’t dive in for a tournament at the very beginning. Instead, try to get familiar with aiming, pocketing the coins, diverting the opponent’s coins, winning the queen, etc.

  • Try playing the beginners level first and then go for the advanced level game.

  • Even if you lose, check where you went wrong!

How to Play Carrom and Win Money?

To play carrom for winning money, the first thing you will have to do is search for a gaming platform that offers this. There are many game apps that let you play while winning real cash. One of the platforms is GetMega, which offers some of the best features that you will love as a gamer. Let’s explore through them:

Features of GetMega

For the convenience of the users, GetMega offers various features. They are discussed as follow:

24x7 Leadership Board

GetMega offers a 24x7 leadership board for all types of games available on the platform - Cards, Casual and Trivia. This leadership board helps the users with their tasks and winning based reports and works on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis. Players can enter the leadership board both free of cost and paid depending on their choice. Players who are ranked up to 10th position can stand a chance to win the prize. People can win both cash and prizes like gadgets and gold coins.

GetMega allows you to win real cash and lucrative prizes.

Friendly UI

The app comes with user-friendly navigation that helps users experience the best gaming. It has both vertical gameplay and horizontal gameplay. The UI has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of the player on how quickly they can learn and play. Thus, it is a perfect app to play carrom and earn money without any issues!

Real Players

Unlike bots in many platforms, GetMega provides real players to boost your gaming experience. Whenever you are playing any game on this app, you are playing with the real player. Moreover, the players are verified on this platform using their phone numbers and Facebook photos.

Audio Video Features

This is the most admired feature of GetMega, which helps you to have video-chat in HD quality while playing. Moreover, there is no other gaming platform that offers cash as well as video-chat features other than GetMega. The app allows all the games to be played using the video-chat feature.

How Can You Earn?

While GetMega is a common platform offering about eight games, here are a few ways on how you play carrom and earn money:

Signing Bonus

GetMega offers a Signup bonus to every new user on the platform. As a token of appreciation, they offer Rs.5 for every new sign up, which can be used to start the game.

Referrals and Rewards

Your efforts of sharing the game with your friends and known contacts will never go in vain on this platform. GetMega offers a reward of Rs.10 for every referral.

Moreover, as explained earlier, you can check your leadership board to view your gaming rewards. The plus point is, users can win up to 100,000 every week!

You can earn a sign-up bonus once but referral rewards will be there every time you refer a new user.

Besides carrom, there are many other games that are offered on GetMega. They can be classified as follows:

  • Card Games: Poker and Rummy are the two car games you can find on this platform.

  • Casual Games: In addition to playing carrom and earning money, you can also try your skill and luck on GoPool, Warship, ABC Rummy, Dots & Dash and Fruit Kaat.

  • Trivia: This includes GK, 123 and Pic Me.

All-in-all, GetMega has a total of eight games that can be played for real cash.

Concerned about Your Safety on GetMega?

Of Course you are and you should be! Safety is one of the most important things you should consider, especially when you are signing up for a gaming app.

GetMega values the safety of its users and thus, every account present on this platform is verified with the phone number and Facebook account. So, do not worry if you are unsure of a player, GetMega is!

On the other hand, GetMega is also 100% safe and verified. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation, and it has also built a platform that ensures safety and security.

There is a Random Number Generator and Shuffle mechanics that have been certified by iTech Labs, an organisation that is responsible for independent testing and certification of online gaming systems.

Ratings and Downloads

GetMega is one of the few gaming apps that present a number of games and yet has a high rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store. This is another reason why you should trust this app to play carrom and earn money at home. Besides rating, it has more than 50,00,000 downloads and is still counting!

So, if you are a gaming freak and at the same time want to earn money, GetMega makes a perfect option for you. The app has detailed instructions for each game which will help you learn how to play effortlessly. Plus you can also start with the beginners level, if you are new to these kinds of gaming apps and proceed to the pro level to play carrom and earn money!