Methamphetamine Withdrawal Treatment - What You Need To Know

Finding the right drug rehab in Florida can help you fight methamphetamine/meth withdrawal symptoms. Crystal meth is an artificial stimulant drug which is commonly abused by drug users. Interestingly, it can be made using simple ingredients that you would find readily in any neighborhood pharmacy.  While there is no medication as of now to ease methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms, there are some to relieve side effects. You should also take note that it is different from methadone withdrawal symptoms.

If you are experiencing methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms, you should search for “detox places near me” to get help. Meth abuse is rampant in the US, and Florida is no exception. Because the drug is potent, people tend to get addicted to it quite fast, and on sudden withdrawal, they can go through a “crash”. This may not last long if you are not dependent on it. But for those addicted to it, this period can continue for weeks.

Why do you need professional care for treating meth withdrawal symptoms?

Meth withdrawal symptoms are hard to manage on one’s own. These can be painful and debilitating, forcing the addict to continue using this drug to soothe these symptoms. This leads to a downward spiral of meth use that triggers an addiction cycle. So, by the time you or your loved one understands there is a problem and attempts to quit, you find the side-effects are overwhelming. This is why you need to choose quality Florida drug rehab centers to treat such symptoms and kick off the habit.

When you choose a facility like Daylight Detox to treat methamphetamine addiction, you will find programs designed to help you 24x7. You will get round-the-clock medical care and supervision where doctors will monitor your vitals continuously. They analyze your symptoms and come up with customized treatment plans once withdrawal symptoms improve. After detox, you can get counseling or other therapy to maintain sobriety.

What are some meth withdrawal symptoms you should know about?

Symptoms may be different for different addicts, but their severity will depend on many factors. For instance, how long you used the drug, how much you used it, and how often you used it will be determining factors. Moreover, factors like how you consumed meth could also affect withdrawal. Those who inject it are likely to undergo a more intense withdrawal.

The most common signs of meth withdrawal are:

  • Agitation

  • Increased appetite

  • Fatigue

  • Excessive sweating

  • Paranoia

  • Insomnia

  • Hallucinations and suicidal thoughts

  • Fever

  • Nausea

  • Confusion

  • Tremors

  • Severe depression

How meth withdrawal symptoms are treated:

The Florida drug rehab will be equipped to handle patients experiencing any or some of these withdrawal symptoms. Addicts may be scared to opt for detox, but this is the best way to treat meth addiction. The Detox process is split into three stages to make sure the patient gets appropriate care.

Patients in drug rehab in Florida will undergo the following stages:

  • Evaluation: Once admitted, a medical team assesses your health conditions, taking urine samples to see how much meth has been used. The team of doctors at the rehab then develops a plan to suit your specific health needs. You may be asked about previous and current substance abuse. You need to inform the facility if you have any co-existing disorders which can affect detox treatment.

  • Stabilization: You will probably reach the treatment center when symptoms are at their peak. Once these subside, the doctors can adjust your treatment plan.

  • Transition: When detox is almost over, doctors start talking about the next steps in recovery. Patients typically have to stay in rehab for the rest of their methamphetamine withdrawal treatment.

While there is no medication as of now to ease methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms, there are some to relieve side effects.

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