The product tour is an in-app tutorial. It is used for the guidance of new users with the help of the SaaS user interface. It is seen that product tours have the conception that they are the modern version of the traditional system but it is not. They not only provide pop-ups but also have many more features. They help mix different patterns and attractive colors to make it effective and efficient. The new product tour helps in the combination of different UI patterns which includes walkthrough, beacons, pop-ups etc. which in turn help the new users to learn the work easily. It helps to improve the first impression which in turn improves product adoption rates. These rates are better than the traditional ones. Here are discussed some points that why one must use product tour:-

1) simplifies the work-A properly designed product tour leads to the simplification of the work. It helps in easy learning and understanding of the UI features and elements. It will take a longer duration of time if the user has to learn it on its own without any help and guide. It is also known as the aha moment.

2) Intake of knowledge-It guides the users to take correct decisions and take prompt actions. They help to learn by doing which enhances the knowledge of the users. It helps in easy and quick gaining of information about the product.

3) Improves engagement-Effective product tour helps to improve the engagement of users. When the first impression of the product goes well the users are likely to remain attached to the product for a longer duration. It helps to increase adoption as well as activation of products among users and reduces the need for beforehand learning.

4) Availability of customization and personalization- One must try to create a product tour according to the user needs instead of creating one generic product tour for all. It helps to enhance the experience of the user as the product tour is customized and personalized according to their needs.

5) Focus on design- While adding of product tour one must try to focus on consistency of design for a smooth experience. If the design and color pattern is a total mismatch it is going to reduce the engagement of users and also lead to a reduction in overall adoption of the product tour. So, color and patterns play a major role in enhancing the engagement of product tours.

6) Limiting the number of steps-One must try to make a short and quick view of the value of the product. One must avoid the list of long steps because the user might find it monotonous to go through these steps and abandon the product at the start only before going to the further step of activations. So, it is really important to limit the number of steps for increasing user engagement.

7) Continuous monitoring-one must keep himself updated about his product tour like are they working in a proper and well-defined manner or users are leaving them in a hallway or are they working for one segment of users and not for the other ones, what are the deficiencies to work upon. One must try to know all this and update it accordingly for effective and efficient working.

It is generally seen that there is a thin line between an effective product tour and a disruptive one. A product tour with great designs will attract and engage users like pop-ups and explainer videos. They make an easy and quick understanding of the product tour. The personalized service provided by product tour makes the interface interactive and enhances the experience of the user which ultimately increases product activation and product adoption. Limiting the number of the process makes the experience seamless as one is not required to read long procedures to have full knowledge about the product tour. It must be continuously monitored and innovation should be done side by side to keep the product tour updated. Well -designed and effective product will catch the attention of its user easily and is much better than the traditional one. Product tour has made the interface creative and more engaging for its users.

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