In Gregorian calendar month 2012, Arab Airlines achieved a growth within the range of passengers in domestic and international flights by (27%) that reached (1,785,714) passengers versus (1,405,367) passengers in Gregorian calendar month 2011, whereas the amount of journeys exaggerated by (17.43 %) to (13.027) trip through the month of Gregorian calendar month compared to Gregorian calendar month 2011 (11,093). the proportion of flights scheduled  dates of discipline and non-scheduled (88.40%) compared to (91.37%) in Gregorian calendar month 2011 at a rate of decline was restricted to (2.97%).

 The report showed the operational performance of the Saudi Arabian Airlines for Gregorian calendar month 2012 the expansion of passengers numbers on domestic flights to (1,057,497) compared to (903,857) passengers throughout same amount of last year so result the rise to (153,640) passengers and by (17%), whereas the amount of domestic flights is (8.542) compared to (7363) go for holiday at the last year so result's a rise of the trip to (1179) with the quantitative relation of (17.43%).

 HE Director General of Arab Airlines Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Melhem represented the dramatic will increase within the range of passengers on domestic and international flights throughout Gregorian calendar month compared to constant month last year is because of the grace of God then the efforts of the workers on all the sectors by adding (54) craft to the fleet that reach currently to (90) aircrafts as a locality of the system operational and seat capability utilization that is on the market within the restructuring of planning journeys to fulfill the wants of each domestic and international. 

The Minister pointed to the expansion discovered on the domestic sector, specially with the amount of flights throughout the last month, the speed of (1179) trip and a mean of quite (40) trip per day, surpassing the common range of daily flights of saudi Arab Airlines (400) journeys per day still as increasing the amount of passengers by ( 17%) on domestic flights, so reflects the success of the operational strategy of the new lines of Saudi Arabia and of skyrocketing {the range|the amount|the quantity} of flights between the most stations (Riyadh / Jiddah / Dammam / Medina) and install on time throughout the year and re-distribution of journeys to and from alternative stations so as to attain additional seat capability to accommodate the most important number of passengers, was mirrored clearly within the increase exceeded (153) thousand passengers in one month solely.

 He Mr. Melhem attributed the restricted reduction of discipline flight times by (2.97%) is because of the unstable weather within the Kingdom and Europe that light-emitting diode to delay some flights.

 His personage Engineer Khalid Al-Melhem assure that Saudi Arabia Airways continues to implement its strategic arrange of action to supply additional seat capability with the succession of the arrival of recent aircrafts to fulfill the demand and therefore the increasing movement of transport through the seasons and throughout the year and is creating a joint effort to utilize all its capabilities and resources of so as to satisfy its obligations to customers traveling to each domestic and international.