Sobriety Calculator - The Importance of Tracking Your Sober Days

sobriety calculator

 It can’t be claimed that the process of de-addiction from alcohol is a straightforward task. Society has heaped so much shame and stigma on this addiction that most people balk at admitting to it and seeking help for overcoming it. 

However, you must get better so that you can claim your life back. Would you really want to spend your living hours lying in a stupor?

Marking of time

You will find many members in the A.A. meetings that you attend speaking about the significance of knowing just how much time has passed since they had their last drink.

Not only is this important for their own mental satisfaction, but it also allows them to show to others that they can live a productive life without being under the influence of alcohol.

Enjoying Sobriety

Every single moment of being sober is a momentous accomplishment. Each milestone should be revered and celebrated with abandon. Most AA members use a Sobriety Calculator so that they can share these moments with their family and friends. This also helps them keep sobriety at the top of all lists at all times.

Earlier, people marked these days on a calendar, but times have changed, and now these calculators are available as mobile apps. You can carry your badge of sobriety wherever you go. And it will keep reminding you of how far you have come from the nasty, forgettable days of your sozzled past.

Some apps offer additional resources, too, such as information on local AA meetings

motivational sayings, forums, etc.

Why Use This Calculator

Many people wonder why they should use this calculator at all. The fact is there are many benefits of using this. Some of these are:

  1. It keeps you going. As said before, the path to sobriety is not easy at all. And some days are tougher than the rest. You are tempted to throw in the towel and feel depressed and angry and just want nothing but to give in to your urge to drink and forget the worries. At such times, a look at this calculator reminds you of what you have been able to achieve so far and keeps you going. Speak out, and you will find that this feeling is vouched for by many members at your AA meeting.

  2. It helps you to track your progress. Look, you are in recovery. You may feel, at times, that you have succeeded as much as you thought you would. That is just some resident depression speaking in your mind. Fact is, you have grown immensely stronger, and you need to look at the calculator to focus on your positives than the negatives.

The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous also mention the tracking of your sober days. This is because then you are motivated to communicate your recovery goals to others and form communal bonds. You tend to utilize additional recovery resources and find more ways to disconnect with your old self and discover a brand new, super productive you. 

Start keeping track of your sobriety using the sobriety calculator: