Some Effective Ways to keep Geese out of your Garden!

 Looking at flocks of migrating geese may give you a lot of pleasure, but that pleasure soon turns to dismay when you realise that they’ve decided to set up camp on your property. When geese migrate to giant parks or golf courses, as laymen, we do not think much of the same. However, when they migrate to our own property, they can prove to be a major nuisance as they will eat up all your homegrown veggies and leave at least 6-kgs of poop each week. When you begin to notice that geese have migrated to your property, it is important to get in touch with a proper Goose Management Service. Here’s what you need to know about Goose Removal and how you can keep geese out of your garden!


How to keep geese out of your garden?

There are a few effective methods that you can employ in order to keep Canadian geese out of your garden. Some of these are as follows:

-        Construct a sturdy barrier: When you’re trying to keep geese out of your garden, it’s important to understand their patterns first. You’ll notice that most  geese like to waddle from any source of water to a marked feeding area and then they go back. So, based on this, one of the best ways to keep geese away from your garden is to construct a barrier that blocks their path. The barrier should be at least 2 feet long and it can be in the form of a fence between the water area and your garden. This is generally more than enough to keep geese out of your garden.

-        Install staking: You can ask professionals who offer Goose Management Services to come to your property and install stacks that are at least  20 to 25 feet tall. Ideally, such stakes should be installed around a pond. You can also string wire or hard threads between the stakes (you need to start at a height of 10 to 12 inches) to create a greater obstruction. This method can really help you because Canada geese will avoid staying in places where they cannot walk in and out of water bodies.

-        Don’t start feeding the geese: When we see animals or birds, we want to feed them so that they remain healthy. But, this isn’t something you should do with geese unless you’re willing to have them on your property for a long time. Feeding geese will only tell these birds that they should continue coming back to your garden.

-        Scare them away: No one likes noisy neighbours, so a great way to get rid of geese is to make them miserable! Many people rely on noisemakers and barking dogs to make them feel unwelcome. Places that see regular geese migration also have border collies as pets who herd the geese away from vegetable patches. However, do keep in mind that once the geese have already established their nest, you should not harass them.

-        Get rid of nests: Like all birds, geese build a nest so that they can lay and hatch their eggs in a safe space. Geese start to stockpile nesting material when spring rolls around as that is their mating period. Whenever you see any random piles of material on your property, such as twigs, branches, dried leaves or even some man-made materials, you should remove them before the geese can go ahead and build their  nest.


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