Testing Equipment For Fire Protection Systems


Fire Watch Guards provide comprehensive support for fire protection, detection and detection as well as alarm systems and sprays and hydrants. They review documents, conduct risk assessments and manage a site inventory of installed components, actual use and general conditions. Based on the steps taken, we determine possible development strategies and make any necessary changes to comply with regulatory standards.

Our portfolio of essential services provides professional support to:

Risk assessment

Planning stages

Safety rules and technical design during planning, installation and modification

System performance and reliability testing

Reviewing technical documents

Authorization approval process

Receipt test before shipment

Monitoring to comply with final test dates

Periodic testing

Repairs and renovations


Fire Watch Guards carry out all inspections and inspections in accordance with the following requirements:

Occupational safety and health laws

Based on the initial results of the fire safety tests, firefighters conduct limited gas inspections and periodic fire extinguishing programs to help you achieve complete fire protection.

Technical testing and special construction codes of the German state provinces

In buildings and public places, fire protection is subject to the special requirements set out in the country's building law. Well-known experts confirm the efficiency and reliability of building materials and materials related to fire protection systems.

Local insurance conditions

The provision of local insurance is based on specific, individual needs. Fire Watch Guards make sure you fulfill your responsibilities.

Complete fire protection

Experienced TÜV Rheinland experts offer complete solutions in both architectural and technical fire protection, from the initial stages of planning. Fire Watch Guards develop ideas and routes for escape and rescue and provide you with support for your writing purposes. Experts do a risk assessment and guide you through the authorization process. Fire Watch Guards will support you with our many years of industry experience and customer service, high quality standards and professional purpose.

In addition, Fire Watch Guards give you access to our convenient store service and support across the country without regional restrictions. Strengthen your test management with our EquipmentOnline-based online service. A leading provider of testing, testing and verification services for fire detection, alarm, extinguishing and protection, we take a comprehensive approach across all systems and integrated installation throughout each building.

Prepare and maintain a reliable fire protection system with a thorough inspection and inspection

Make sure fire detection, security and extinguishing systems work properly before or in the event of a fire. Specialists provide comprehensive architectural and technical solutions for fire protection, which assist in the planning, development, maintenance and documentation of effective and reliable Firefighting Services. When counting seconds, early detection, warning and extinguishing systems should work together to facilitate safe exits, reduce damage and reduce debt.

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