The Essential Dos and Don'ts of a Perfect Business Card!

 It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or how small or big your business is, you should never underestimate the power of business cards, even when people prefer to share their social media handles more than brochures. 

If you are going to have something as memorable and compact as a piece of card stock then it becomes important to analyze its real value on the basis of how it has been designed and which type of information it contains. Many of you must have received some kind of business card but most of them are forgotten or deserted because they are not that appealing or they just don’t deserve to be in your purse or home. 

So, there is no denial about the effectiveness of a name card but just because you have such a card doesn’t mean that you can do anything with its design and content. This is why, in this blog post, we will discuss the essential dos and don'ts of an ideal business card. 


Conducting research related to a business card means that have to go through different ideas and examples of business cards that are already available in the market. These ideas can come from different channels and on the basis of these ideas, you can come up with your own unique design.

Always keep in mind that research and critical thinking is the most vital part of any design, even in the case of a simple name card. So, the main thing you have to do here is to look for ideas related to the specific category in which you are dealing. And what you have to avoid during the research process is to stick with the first idea that you see or directly copy an idea. 


The font size and type is another important aspect of a business card and you don’t have to only be professional while choosing the font but you have to keep it simple and clear as well. This is necessary because a business card should be easily readable and it should never make things look complicated. 

While choosing the fonts, always ensure that the text size is large enough for anybody to read, and in addition to this, use a font case that has multiple weights as this helps with the information hierarchy. The best considerations in the case of a name card will be light, regular, semibold, or simply bold. 


If the design of your business card is crammed with too much information then it doesn’t only become hard to read the business card but also makes it difficult for the reader to find the necessary information as well. Along with this, cramming business cards with too much information means that you don’t leave any space for the recipient to write notes on the card. 

So, while selecting the information for your business card, you must include only important information like company, name, contact information, logo, experience level, etc. But what you need to avoid here is including extra information like when the company was commenced, the motto of the company, and much more. 


For showing your personality through the business card, you must start with planning a design, sketching a visual, and then executing the artwork while staying creative. But always keep in mind that while designing a business card, you never have a lot of space to have a nice contrast for emphasizing what is necessary for your company and for you. 

So, what you need to do while working on the design of your business card is to leave some white space to make your business card stand out and what you need to avoid is filling the entire name card with graphics and texts. You usually have two sides of a business card and you should use them politely instead of overdoing them. 


It is not necessary for your to include images in your business card but if you are going to do so then you have to know the dos and don'ts of including an image as in addition to accentuating the business card, images can make things worse as well. 

So, while using images, always use high-quality images so the overall quality of the business card is always high and you should always avoid using low-quality, free images that are available on the internet. Besides, you should also avoid using any type of old image available on the internet as it might be subject to copyright issues. 

Using a business card is the most professional way to introduce yourself or your business to anyone and thus you should use this opportunity well. Just keep the dos and don’ts mentioned in this blog post and come up with your own unique business card.