What are the Different Types of Clinical Massage Therapy?


Many people love getting massages and often, when we think about a massage, we think about a very common type known as a Swedish massage.This type of massage is designed to help you relax and enjoy yourself.However, some people require more than just simple relaxation, and are often advised to get clinical massage therapy.


Yes, there is a medical version of a massage that’s designed to help your body heal from pain and ailments, and feel much better. Let’s dive in to learn more about it.

What is clinical massage therapy?

‘Clinical massage’ is a term that does not just refer to a massage technique. Instead, this term is used to refer to a proper system that relies on orthopedic knowledge (hence the term, Clinical).


Clinical massage therapy leverages a range of effective techniques and is often used for the treatment of medical issues such as injuries, pain and soft-tissue dysfunctions. In fact, you cannot just go into a clinic and request a clinical massage - the therapist will first evaluate your injuries or ailment and then decide whether a massage is needed.

What are the different types of clinical massages that you can get?

Based on your body’s needs, your therapist may recommend any of the following types of massages to help you heal:


1.     Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage therapy is the type that focuses on bringing relief to the inner layers of muscles in the body. It is commonly used to treat a variety of medical conditions such as Carpal tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Syndrome, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, numerous orthopedic conditions (i.e., scoliosis), headaches, and so on.


2.     Orthopedic massage: Orthopedic massage is used to treat issues related to the bones, and as you can imagine, a lot of pressure is applied to the body in order to help with the same. More often than not, orthopedic massages are recommended to people who are suffering from injuries, pain and soft tissue dysfunction. It can help you rehabilitate faster and recover from the injuries.


3.     Myofascial Release: The Fascia is a thin tissue that is prevalent on all the organs in your body. In fact, this particular tissue covers all the muscles, as well as all the organs. When you suffer an injury to the muscle fibers, the fascia becomes short and tight in response to the injury.The stress that is caused to the fascia ends up permeating all systems of the body, and it can lead to chronic pain and a variety of other symptoms all over the body. Myofascial Release is a type of clinical massage that is designed to treat these symptoms. It does so by getting rid of the uneven tightness in injured fascia.


4.     Sports massage: Sports massage is a type of massage that is offered to athletes. These massages are designed to help with a number of things such as providing increased strength, flexibility, and flexibility. An effective sports massage therapist can also improve an athlete’s biomechanical efficiency and reduce the risk for injury.


5.     Neuromuscular therapy: As the name suggests, neuromuscular therapy is used to soothe the nervous system of the body. This type of clinical therapy is used in order to treat the causes of postural disorders, acute pain, and soft tissue damage.


6.     Active Release Therapy: Active release therapy, also known as ART, is used to treatsoft tissue dysfunction (this can refer to problems with the muscles, tendons & ligaments).


7.     Pre/Post-natal massage therapy: This massage is offered to pregnant women, as well as women who have just given birth, to help them recover from the hormonal stress of pregnancy.


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