What to Explore About High Cholesterol Level | Popular Myths and Facts



Do you ever wonder what cholesterol is? Do you think that it affects your heart and overall health? 

If YES, then you are at the reliable spot! 

Here you will explore cholesterol levels. You can also explore how to control it. Select a bed cooling pad to get relief. It can be useful to get comfy sleep all night long.

You must know about cholesterol before understanding how it affects you. 

FACT: Cholesterol also appears like a wax-like substance. It is usually found in the body. Our body needs it to build cells and other hormones. The liver produces the right amount of cholesterol that our body needs. 

Types of Popular Cholesterol and its Working:

Our body keeps cholesterol easily into the bloodstream. It has two kinds of lipoproteins that are present in the human body. 

These proteins are known as cholesterol. High-density lipoprotein in the body is known as good cholesterol. Another lipoprotein in the body is known as bad cholesterol. 

HDL is termed as “good cholesterol" that helps in body functioning. It removes the LDL from the arteries. 

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However, it takes LDL to the liver. Then the liver will break down LDL into more and more substances. Thus, the liver removes LDL from the body. 

LDL is low-density lipoprotein that is usually referred to as bad cholesterol. It can lead to serious health issues. These health issues can contain several heart problems. 

PRO FACT: Every time high LDL adds to the bloodstream. However, it raises the risk of stroke, heart attack, and artery disease. That's why proper checking of cholesterol is important.

The high amount of triglycerides produced in the body. It can also lead to health problems. But it is combined with low HDL and high LDL. Also, it can cause fatty build-up in the arteries. As per UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, it can also lead to stroke and heart attack. 

3 Popular Myths and Facts About High Cholesterol Level:

Now, discover some reliable myths and facts linked with cholesterol. 

Myth 1: You can experience some symptoms if your cholesterol level is high:

Fact: Usually, there is no sign and symptoms of high cholesterol level. You don't experience any symptoms until it is too late. 

PRO TIP: Mr. Richard Irving suggests regular checking of cholesterol levels. It can be helpful in cholesterol checking. So, you should check your cholesterol level regularly.  

Myth 2: Consumption of cholesterol-rich food does not raise cholesterol levels:

Fact: Moreover, Cholesterol-rich food is also rich in soaked fat. Saturated fats can boost your cholesterol level. 

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PRO TIP: You should eat food that contains lower saturated fats. Food items obtained from animals like milk, meat, eggs, and cheese are rich in fat. 

Myth 3: All cholesterol is bad for our health:

Fact: However, some types of cholesterol are important for proper body functioning. These are used in making vitamins, hormones, and cell building. 

PRO TIP: As per Professor Andrew Sidebottom, cholesterol travels in our circulatory system. It takes advantage of a protein called lipoprotein. However, taking precautions is always essential for everyone. 

How Do You Measure Cholesterol Levels?

A blood test is conducted that is known as a lipoprotein panel. It is used to determine cholesterol levels. This test provides information about: 

  • Good Cholesterol (HDL): 

It helps to remove LDL from the blood arteries. 

  • Total Cholesterol Level: 

It measures both HDL and LDL levels in your body. 

  • Triglycerides: 

It is a fatty substance in the body. Its high amount can cause heart problems.  

  • Non-HDL: 

It is the measure of total cholesterol minus good cholesterol. It includes bad cholesterol and other cholesterols except for HDL. 

Leading Risk Factors of High Cholesterol:

There might be some risk factors that may lead to a rise in cholesterol levels in our bodies. You should control your cholesterol levels for a healthy life. High cholesterol risk factors include:

  1. Obesity: 

Overweight people are at high risk of developing cholesterol in the body. 

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  1. Smoking: 

Cigarette smoke harms your lungs as well as the walls of arteries. Smoking also decreases the amount of HDL in the body. 

  1. Diabetes: 

High sugar levels in the blood also harm the blood vessel lining. It lowers the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. However, high sugar levels give rise to dangerous cholesterol levels. 

What Affects the Cholesterol Levels?

There are different things and factors that affect cholesterol levels in the body. These factors include: 

  1. Diet:

Saturated fat and cholesterol are present in your diet. It increases the cholesterol level in the body. Saturated fats are the main problem that increases cholesterol levels. So, taking a low-fat diet can help to reduce cholesterol. 

  1. Physical Activity:

As per Dr. Paul Crowe, a leading cause of heart problems is an inactive lifestyle. Regular exercise and physical activity increase good cholesterol levels (HDL). It also overcomes bad cholesterol (LDL) and reduces weight. 

  1. Obesity/Overweight:

Obesity and being overweight are other main reasons for the increase in cholesterol. Moreover, you can control the level of bad cholesterol just by reducing your weight. 

  1. Smoking:

Smoking hurts the lining of arteries. So, damaged blood arteries are responsible for blood blockage. You have to avoid smoking. It can help in improving HDL levels and reduce the LDL level in the body. 

There are specific risk factors of high cholesterol that you can't handle. 

It includes:

  • Age: Older people are at high risk of producing high cholesterol levels than younger people. 

  • Gender: Women are more inclined to have heart problems. They have a high chance of high cholesterol levels, claimed by Dr. Angela George. Women have low cholesterol levels before menopause. They are possible to have high cholesterol after the period of menopause. 

  • Heredity: Genes play a vital role. They define the level of cholesterol in your body.  

PRO TIP: Suppose you have high cholesterol in your family history. There are chances that you can have high cholesterol. 

Final Verdict:

Cholesterol is a waxy product manufactured in the liver. Our body uses it for many purposes. It includes building cells, hormones, and vitamin D. It is inherently manufactured in our liver. 

PRO FACT: However, you can also get it from dietary effects. It includes meat, dairy items, cheese, and eggs. Our body has both good (HDL) and bad cholesterol. 

High cholesterol levels can lead to serious health issues. These issues include heart problems, stroke, or heart attack. However, you can't see the symptoms of high cholesterol levels. 

That is why we came up with a key! Explore how to manage and control cholesterol. You can even reduce the level of its symptoms. Also, you can recover from heel to sleep issues.

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