What Type Of Licenses And Certificates Should You Look For In A Local Locksmith?

 Today, locksmiths have to work all the types of locks, from the simple ones to the most complicated ones. But because of the nature of their work, all the locksmiths must be aware of all the types of locks and keep them updated regarding the new technologies. In addition to this, locksmiths should be good at using heavy tools as well. 

Because of all such reasons, it has become necessary for a locksmith to have proper license and certification in order to provide world-class locksmith service and this is what we are going to look at in this blog post. 


To be a professional locksmith and provide locksmith services to customers, a person must have a proper license with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This also ensures that the locksmith who has this license has gone through a background check and can provide locksmith services even for UPVC door locks. 

In addition to this, the company providing locksmith services should also have a contractor license as well. Without this type of license, a locksmith can never work on any project that costs more than $500. 

Two types of license certifications

D-16 license 

This is one of the most common types of license certifications that locksmiths go for and it is under the C-61 limited specialty classification. This can be called a basic type of license and it makes the locksmith eligible for only hardware, locks, and safes. This license can be easily obtained as it deals with only the basics of locksmith services. 

C-28 license

This can be called the most advanced form of license and if a company has this license then it means that the company has a vast knowledge of locks and it specializes in locksmith services in addition to just dealing with hardware, UPVC door locks, and safes. This license is not that easier to obtain. 


A locksmith company can go for a wide array of certifications since there are many types of certifications available for such firms. For example, if there is a local locksmith and if he has a certification with the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, then he can provide services for folding doors, swing doors, and even for automatic sliding doors. 

Such a locksmith can also conduct an annual inspection for such types of doors. So, the type of certification determines the type of service a locksmith can provide. And if a locksmith has been certified by Intertek then he becomes eligible to work on fire doors. 

Why does certification and license become necessary for locksmiths?

When a locksmith provides his service then he is given access to the most sensitive part of a premise and that is locks. While providing service, they have direct access to the entire security system, and therefore, making sure that a locksmith is professional and is eligible to provide such types of sensitive services becomes essential. 

In addition to this, the license and certification also ensure that the person providing such type of service has gone through a background check and he has no criminal records in the past. This is important because evil-minded people can get into this profession and then use it for burglary. 

If you are going to choose a locksmith for your UPVC door locks or any other type of lock then you must ensure that the locksmith has proper license and certification and you should conduct a thorough analysis of the locksmith company as well.