5 Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in New York

Looking to buy an alpaca in New York? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of the animal and whether it would be a good fit for you.

Thankfully, New York has quality alpaca-focused breeders with animals for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 5 best places to get one for your farm, ranch, or homestead in the state.

5 Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in New York

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Faraway Farm Alpacas
Yorktown Heights, NY914-962-2110farawayfarmalpacas.com
Copper Star Alpaca Farm
Millerton, NY
Our Father’s Farm
New Hampton, NY
Sunset Ridge Alpacas
Valley Falls, NY
Quarry Ridge Alpacas
Salem, NY

1. Faraway Farm Alpacas

Photo Credit: farawayfarmalpacas.com

Faraway Farm Alpacas is on a hilltop in the Hudson Valley, nearly 40 miles north of New York City.

The farm is a popular destination for television shows, wedding photographers, fashion magazines, and theater companies.

Leda Blumberg and Steve Cole are the proud owners of the farm, who breed and sell award-winning male and female Huacaya alpacas, known for their soft and colorful fleece. The farm has been a property of the Blumberg family since 1951.

The journey of this alpaca farm began in the fall of 2007. When driving back home after visiting their daughter in Vermont, a colorful herd of grazing alpacas on a roadside meadow caught the couple’s attention, and they began their adventure in alpaca breeding.

Over the years, the farm has bred high-quality and award-winning alpacas with exceptional fleece, and enhanced genetics.

One of the key purposes of setting up the farm is sustainability. In pursuit of this goal, Leda and Steve also host educational tours, workshops, and private events all year round.

You can also visit the farm store to explore some unique alpaca products handmade by local artisans, such as yarn, shawls, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, hand-woven rugs, and soft stuffed animals for children. 

Leda and Steve are affiliated with several alpaca associations, including Alpaca Ontario, State of Jefferson Alpaca Association (SOJAA), Upper Midwest Alpacas (UMA), North Sound Alpaca Association (NSAA), Midwest Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, and several others. 

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Farm details:
  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: farawayfarmalpacas.com
  • Contact: 914-962-2110
  • Email: leda@farawayfarmalpacas.com
  • Address: 1307 Baptist Church Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 1059
  • Price: Check here for the price.

2. Copper Star Alpaca Farm

Copper Star Alpaca Farm is also located in the Hudson Valley, New York. It is a full-service alpaca farm with the objective of breeding superior quality Huacaya alpacas under the close supervision of owners Barbara and Joe Crocco.

Barbara and Joe set up this farm after purchasing their first five alpacas back in 2007, and since then, the number of alpacas has grown steadily, including the addition of a champion breeding stock.

The bloodlines of alpacas in this farm include a few of the leading and sought-after genetics. For example, it has one of the top-quality dams in the US, Miss Clarice.

The owners have selected the alpaca genetics carefully to create a herd with colors ranging from white to grey and true black to produce the finest fleeces and supreme fiber qualities.

The farm is selling its alpaca lights, browns, and fawns, and you can find some of them on the sales list with the price.

The owners are also open to custom package sales with bundle pricing.

Other than breeding and selling alpacas, the farm also offers services such as boarding, leasing, mentoring, and showing.

You can also find some high-quality clothing/apparel and socks at the farm’s store, which can be ideal gifts or mementos.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: www.copperstaralpacafarm.com
  • Contact: 518-291-0155/914-924-9197 
  • Email: CopperStarAlpaca@gmail.com
  • Address: 132 Carson Road, Millerton, NY 12546
  • Price: Check “Alpaca Sales.”

3. Our Father’s Farm

Photo Credit: ourfathersfarm.net

Our Father’s Farm is the third on the list of our alpaca farm, which is located in New Hampton.

Kathy and Joe Paternoster are the pair behind the farm and pride themselves on their selection of some of the top alpaca bloodlines, including Atocha’s Gold, Bueno, Camilio, Caligula, Drambuie, Felix, Royal Fawn, Shakelton, Victor, and more.

The farm strives to produce fleece and fiber with exceptional quality and features such as fineness, crimp, density, staple/staple length, conformation, maintaining good health condition of the herd.

You can see the fleece quality in the farm’s wide range of store products, including clothing, accessories, hats, crafts, jewelry, and toys.

Kathy and Joe attend various seminars, conferences, and symposiums to learn more about fleece and conformation evaluation, along with the aspect of physical wellness of alpacas.

The couple is open to sharing their knowledge and experience with you and invites you to schedule a farm visit so that they can discuss the benefits of buying a few quality alpacas for your business.

Visits are by appointment only.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya and Suri Alpacas
  • Website: www.ourfathersfarm.net
  • Contact: 845-374-7712 
  • Email: ourfathersfarm@earthlink.net
  • Address: 83 McVeigh Road, New Hampton, NY 10958 
  • Price: Check here for the price.

4. Sunset Ridge Alpacas

Photo Credit: sunsetridgealpacas.com

If you travel 30 miles north of Albany in Easton, New York, you will spot Sunset Ridge Alpacas farm. It is a full-service farm dedicated to raising healthy alpacas and producing superior quality fiber in a wide range of natural colors.

The farm has some of the best alpaca bloodlines in the US right now, including the Peruvian herd sires Hemingway, Bolivian genetics, Accoyo Peruvian bloodlines, Don Julio, Timoteo, Midas Touch, Senator Taft, Felix, and others.

Due to selective breeding, the farm keeps producing great quality offspring. Several of the animals have won numerous awards at various show events.

Other than providing high-quality alpacas, the farm will also help you with facility layout, equipment, shelter design, selecting fencing, and barn requirements.

Additionally, the farm offers services such as shearing, spinning, washing, felting, weaving, and knitting. This way, prospective ranchers can learn how to transform alpaca fleece into finished clothing items.

The farm is the affiliated member of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), the Alpaca Registry Inc (ARI), Empire Alpaca Association (EAA), Washington County Tourism Association, Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, and Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association (MAPACA)

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Peruvian, Bolivian Alpacas, and other genetics
  • Website: www.sunsetridgealpacas.com
  • Contact: +1 518-692-2083
  • Address: 292 Hoag Rd, Valley Falls, NY 12185
  • Email: info@sunsetridgealpacas.com 
  • Price: Contact the farm via phone or email for the price.

5. Quarry Ridge Alpacas 

Photo Credit: quarryridgealpacas.com

Quarry Ridge Alpacas is located in the hilly area of Washington County, 60 minutes north of Albany, New York, near the Vermont border and New England.

This is an alpaca farm owned and operated by Faith and Herb Perkins. The couple has been breeding show-quality alpacas since 1998.

To diversify the alpaca genetics in the North East, they brought bloodlines from the western US states and Canada.

The herd at the farm includes some of the famous bloodlines, including Accoyo Peruvian Caligula, Accoyo Peruvian Legacy, Majestic Peruvian Jeremiah, MFI Jericho, and Neversummer 38 Special.

Currently, the couple is focusing on producing quality fiber in different colors and crafting items from the alpaca fleece.

The farm also offers fine quality both hand-dyed and natural alpaca yarns and blends, along with hand-woven and knitted garments.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale:
  • Website: www.quarryridgealpacas.com
  • Contact: 518-854-7008
  • Email: faith@QRAlpacas.com
  • Address: 453 Quarry Road, Salem, NY 12865
  • Price: Check here for the price.

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