Difference Between Vedic Astrology And Western Astrology



Astrology is beyond comprehension. It is a study that continues since the beginning of the civilizations of Mesopotamia. Thus, it has established two types: Vedic astrology and Western Astrology. For instance, Vedic astrology is the first one to make astrology predictions famous around the world. From the Vedic astrology, there is an arrival of western astrology. Thus, the only difference in both of them is the techniques or methods they use to predict astrology. 

Moreover, western astrology is mostly compared with Vedic astrology. In addition, western astrology implies the innovated tactics but the basics are of Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, becomes most popular in the civilization era. Though western astrology is not so famous as compared with Vedic astrology. Even, western astrology is believed to be black magic by most people especially the ones who do not believe in astrology. 

History Of Vedic Astrology Compared With Western Astrology

The arrival of astrology was only among the few countries as India, Greece, and Egypt. In addition, Egypt is the first country that introduce the concept of astrology in the world. Moreover, India and Greece are the countries that introduce the emergence of Vedic astrology in the world. Thus, Vedic astrology largely combines the concept of spiritual traditions and various myths of ancient Indian culture. Even though, Vedic astrology is still considered a science and many people include it in their lifestyle too. 

However, it has become difficult to find the best astrologer in USA who provides accurate predictions. Earlier, Vedic astrology along with the past, present, and future predictions also tells about the important dates and events coming in an individual life. These important dates are predicted for the various rituals or for an event. In the medieval era, people believe in Vedic astrology and their half-life decisions are based on astrology. But if compared with western astrology, there are few people who believe in astrology and some are those who think it is related to black magic. However, astrology is related to science and the planetary positions of an individual at the time of their birth. 

With the emergence of technology, Vedic astrology was modified as Western astrology. Only the methods and techniques are changed with the use of technology. But the basics are the same as Vedic astrology.  In ancient Indian practices, Vedic astrology includes the practice of yoga and Ayurveda. On the other hand, western astrology includes a road map or divine guidance of better understanding of emotional, physical, monetary, and spiritual experience. 

3 Points That Explains The Difference Between Vedic And Western Astrology

  1. Both Uses Different Calendar

Western astrology uses a tropical calendar, while Vedic astrology comprises charts calculation which is known as the sidereal system. Today, most astrologer in USA uses a tropical calendar. In addition, Vedic astrology charts calculation looks upon the changing and observational constellations. Thus, western astrology works by looking at the planetary positions of an individual. 

  1. Vedic Astrology Says A Lot About Karma And Dharma

Western astrology is more psychological oriented, whereas Vedic astrology is based on the individual’s karma and dharma. Moreover, Vedic astrology provides more instincts about a person’s life path and challenges they will face in their coming life. Also, Vedic astrology will give you a better understanding of your relationships with your family and friends. Thus, in western astrology, there is more presence of logical predictions as compared with Vedic astrology. So, Vedic astrology is more convenient as it helps relieve stress and understand the basics of astrology fundamentals. 

  1. Both have Different Approaches

While comparing western astrology with Vedic astrology, one will get to know that they both have different approaches. As western astrology uses the square, sextile, opposition, and trine. On the other hand, Vedic astrology uses the aspects of each planet. Moreover, western astrology has a different approach to sun signs, retrogrades, and rising signs. On the other side, Vedic astrology has a different approach on them. Also, Vedic astrology most importantly considers an individual’s rising sign than the sun sign. At the same time, western astrology involves around the zodiac signs of an individual. 


Vedic astrology and western astrology differ from each other on the basis of a number of factors. However, Vedic astrology uses movable zodiac signs, whereas western astrology uses fixed zodiac signs. 

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