How to select the best WhatsApp DP

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services used by billions of people worldwide. With that said, out of those billion people, some are constantly changing their WhatsApp DPs to impress their friends. 

However, some of them do not know how to select or choose a good WhatsApp sad DP. It is why today we will tell you about some of the ways through which you can select the best profile pic on your WhatsApp. 

How to select the best WhatsApp DP?

Below-specified are the methods using which you can choose the right picture for your WhatsApp account. 

Don't reveal your teeth.

Suppose you want your WhatsApp DP to look a bit reserved. Set a picture where your teeth are not too visible. It does not mean that you should not smile. You can do this by aligning your lips in a straight line and then smiling by moving your lips a bit. 

This type of smile in which teeth are not visible is considered to be neutral and a good WhatsApp DP for your business account. It is also a good option for girls that search for good girl pics on Google now and then for their WhatsApp account. 

Side pose

Side pose is one of the most popular types of pose that people do when they want to impress someone. Side pose pictures as WhatsApp DPs are ideal for girls and boys who think their side profile is better than their front profile. 

For example, if you have got a jawline, which is more prominent from the side, you can try doing this pose and impress your crush. And get many DMs just praising how good you look in your WhatsApp picture. 

Moreover, this type of pose also shows that you have a good attitude. So, if you want a name DP for your account, this might be your gateway. 


Smirking is a type of smile that represents sarcasm, attitude, and confidence. You can try this type of smile if you want to choose a relevant attitude DP for your profile and showcase to your friends the bold personality you have. 

It is worth mentioning that you should not choose smirking pictures as you WhatsApp DP if you have got a business account as this is not the ideal type of smile you can do if you want a more professionally good WhatsApp DP. 

Take pictures in good lighting.

Good lighting is essential when you want one of the best attitude DP for your WhatsApp profile. Good lighting highlights and makes your features, such as cheekbones, and jawline look more prominent. Plus, good lighting can also hide your skin flaws, and that is why good lighting is necessary if you are a girl and want some good girl pics. 


Many girls and boys search for radha krishna serial images, boy's pics, cool pics, and attitude DPs on the internet when changing their picture on WhatsApp. Instead, they can follow the simple steps that are specified above.