Kio DJ and the Latin fever in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s music festival will on New years eve get underway with a long list of international performers lined up to take to the stage, including Colombian DJ Kio.

The music producer and record owner was set to delight fans in Riyadh on Dec 31  Riyadh long-awaited event and it will be the  Colombian first time performing in the Kingdom Of Saudi.

The 34-year-old told His fans on Instagram: “I can't believe that I'm going to be the first Colombian Dj to perform there … I’m excited to show them our music"

Kio has taken the industry over the past years with his  “Reggaeton and guaracha” project that he started with friend and Emirati  DJ Sadcat.

The Arab world is no stranger to the Colombian Dj who lived in Dubai for the last 7 years playing in various famous clubs.

Kio began his career in Colombia at the age of 15. When he joined a local band after school activities, "I thought it was the coolest thing to do after school, then it was living in a Record studio and performing in a club when I was under age,” he said.

Kio grew up in Bogota, the capital of Colombia spending much of his youth hanging around with the local bands and DJs. Like many people, he found lockdown both useful and frustrating, but it did at least allow him to release a lot of music and imaginative DJ sets, his music is all about digging deeper.

The day Kio decided to take his passion seriously was when he was signed by a major record label in Colombia, to play Dj for Karol G. "I didn't know that I was about to make history with her, a few years later she won a Grammy.”

He added: “we don't have the best situation in the world, people need to have fun for a day, music has the power to make emotions, better times will come soon for now let's enjoy and celebrate life.”

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