My Experience Dealing with Insecurity While Forming Relationships - say Taya Langley


At times, we all feel a little uncertain of ourselves. We think all the time as individuals, and some of our emotions can be riddled with skepticism.Thiscancausefeelingsofinsecurity.All that much insecurity can develop into many other issues, both in your relationships and in your daily life.

TayaLangley,aNewYorkresident shared on social media how much she always felt insecure when it came to forming relationships with other people. In her post on social media, she clearly stated that she was always scared of forming relationships, and this also includes friendship. Following this, Taya included that this was because she was always scared of losing people she gets attached to.

"Getting attached to people is a huge step and it hurts knowing that they might no longer be in my life. So, most times, I'm like 'why not start a relationship, to begin with. That way nobody gets hurt because nobody's leaving'."She said

Taya mentioned this mentality didn't just come out of the blues but was formed from her previous relationships. According to her, whenever she formed relationships, the bond is strong and then the bond begins to fade until it is no longer there. She blamed this on both sides.

"Relationships have to be two-sided. It just wouldn't work if only one person is trying. Sometimes I feel like I lost friendships and other relationships because we both weren't trying enough."

Taya's stated that at some point, she stopped trying to make connections and that had cost her a lot of good relationships she would have obtained. According to her, she learned to let down her guards the hard way.

"I was done with relationships but at some point, I felt lonely. No one to call when I'm at my worse, no one aside from my family to celebrate with..... It felt exhausting and I just had to ask myself if it was really worth it."

Taya mentioned that it took her a while to give herself an answer to that question and then she realized a lot of truths attached to friendships. To conclude, she included that she had to sit down and think about the past relationships she had developed with people.

"Sitting down and thinking about my past relationships with other people, I realized that it's not about how long it took but how far it went. The sweet memories are all worth it."

Taya overcame her insecurity by realizing the reasons for forming relationships. In her post, she proceeded by mentioning how keeping people around made her feel.

"It's nice knowing you're not alone," She finishes.