Parents: Here Is What You Need to Know About Choosing a Tutor for Your Kid with Dyslexia

It may be challenging to get every child reading effectively at the grade level. But having a tutor outside of school is helpful. Kids with dyslexia might require a specialised practitioner who has undergone training through courses like the orton gillingham training program. It is critical to help them learn to read. Stick through the end of this article to know what to look for in a tutor for your kid with dyslexia.
What credentials should you look for?

Children with dyslexia learn effectively with a specific type of reading instruction. This strategy is referred to as MSLE (Multisensory Structured Language Education). There are several MSLE reading programs tutors can utilise.

When you seek to hire a reading instructor for your kid, try to find one with MSLE or orton gillingham training credentials. It is recommended that the tutor utilise the same program in your child’s school. The tutor can also coordinate with the school to determine what is best for your child. The tutor can help fill in areas of the program that the school doesn’t use or doesn’t have enough time to teach.

What can an MSLE tutor do to help your child? 

MSLE and OG program details vary. In some cases, instructors utilise tiles or sandpaper to enable the child to feel the letter’s shape. Some programs also put an emphasis on teaching kids to use various arm movements to understand commonly confused letters like P and B.

The tutor must also set goals for your child’s learning. The tutor must track the progress of your child and report updates.

Who can provide training?

Specific skills are needed to teach kids with dyslexia to read. Tutors with these credentials refer to themselves as reading specialists. But there are no clear regulations on who can and cannot use this title. 

Organisations that certify instructors include the AOGPE (Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators) and the IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Council).

It is recommended to look for a tutor with certifications. But even more importantly, you need to find one with experience using the program. In some cases, you might come across a teacher who isn’t certified but has significant experience teaching kids with dyslexia utilizing an MSLE program at school.

Where can you find the right help?

The best place to look for reliable help is your child’s school. Ask the school’s case manager or reading specialist for a list of qualified private tutors. You can also reach out to other parents who have kids with dyslexia. Another resource is your child’s pediatrician.

When should you start looking for a private tutor? 

It is necessary to support your child by second or third grade, especially if you see they are having difficulty keeping up with school. You might discover that your child is falling behind the class. Their reading ability may fall behind other subject areas.

The earlier you hire a tutor for your child, the better prepared your child will be at the higher levels.

Bear in mind that your child may not be detected with dyslexia until they are seen to have lapses in their school performance. But it is never too late to apply interventions such as private instruction. It is recommended to find a tutor who has experience working with your child’s age.