Tips To Keep You Safe & Your Equipment Clean

Amidst the raging pandemic, school and league sports have started to pick up the pace. However, the ordeal of the lethal virus is not yet over. As such, nervousness and anxiety regarding playing safe is a natural concern. Players, coaches, and others involved in the game need to adopt active measures to keep themselves and others safe. You need to make conscious efforts to keep the sports gear clean too. 

Important tips for safety and cleaning equipment

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind to stand against this lethal pandemic. Take a look at these tips and make sure that you are safe –

Be selfish with your equipment

Sharing is an excellent virtue that we often try to integrate into ourselves. However, at this particular moment, sharing of gaming equipment is a big no-no. Do not borrow from others and do not share your equipment too. Use your own personal sports gear and minimize the chances of contraction of the virus. If the league doesn’t provide individual helmets or other gear, you need to make the investment. 

Wear a mask

Maintain social distancing as much as you can. However, it is completely understandable that sidelines and Baseball Dugout Benches don’t have enough space to maintain a six-foot distance. In that case, wearing a mask is mandatory. Make sure that you wear the mask properly. You need to maintain the safety of yourself and others so that the game can continue.

Use sanitizers

Using sanitizers repeatedly throughout the day is a crucial rule that you must follow. Make sure that your hands are sanitized after the match is over. You need to wash away all the germs you might have contracted with handshakes and other contacts. If there are sanitization stations available beside Baseball benches, you can use them. If not, you need to carry a small sanitizer with you. 

Wash the sports jersey or uniform

After every game, you must clean your uniform. Here, the main focus must be to ensure that the clothing is as much disinfected as possible. For that, use a cleaner that contains bleach. Moreover, you must also clean the sliding pads, shin guards, sweat bands, etc. Follow the guidelines while using bleach to avoid discoloration of the clothing. 

Use your own water bottle

The tradition of soaking other teammates and coaches with water after a hard-earned victory needs to be shelved now. You need to use your own water bottle and refrain from dousing it on others or sharing it. Moreover, you need to make sure that the water boll is properly sanitized. Keep some wipes handy to clean the mouthpiece and handle of the bottle throughout the game.


These are the tips that one can consider while resuming games. It is important to sanitize your equipment and other sports gear. Moreover, you must also maintain a safe distance and avoid sharing at this moment. You don't want to contradict or endanger the safety of others. Now, the only motto is to be safe and move on!

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