What does 2022 Honda CRV Offer

From outstanding design to powerful engines, great interiors, and more; the 2022 Honda CRV has it all. It is one of the best sporty looking SUVs that you can buy for everyday use as well as for long road trips.

After contacting San Francisco Honda dealer, you can opt to book this car as well as opt for a test spin after an individual reaches the dealership. So, have a look at what the 2022 version has to offer.

Engine details

Honda decides to equip this vehicle with a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that creates 190 ponies along with an amazing torque. This adequate power is delivered to the wheels of this car through one of the best CVTs (continuous variable transmission). Moreover, this powertrain can tow 1500 pounds, which is mostly at par with its rivals.

The 2022 CRV offers a refined ride quality that many of its competitors fail to offer in this crossover segment. Also, other notable aspects include strong brakes and enthusiastic steering that gives people a thrill to ride this vehicle. Due to its ride quality, it can be used for long or short trips as it will be appropriately comfortable for all.

Apart from this powertrain, there is also a hybrid option available for the people. It consists of a 4-cylinder 2L engine along with 2 electric motors to power this vehicle. The combined power of these two will provide people with 212 horses. This hybrid system is swift, which people enjoy along with Honda’s suppressing engine droning by using various noise-cancelling materials.

Superior interior and exterior

Both the exterior and interior of this vehicle has been created to perfection. The exterior offers a sporty look with a unique designed front grille portion along with stylish headlights and an overall shape that oozes sporty looking aesthetics. With a beautifully finished paint job along with stylish taillights and more; this car will impress anyone just by how good it looks.

The interior is created to complement the appealing exterior body. A spacious and stylish interior is what you get for the 2022 CRV. Opting for higher-end trims gets people a choice of upholstery and other details that gives a luxurious vibe to this model.

Well-sculpted seats along with quality materials all around makes people attracted to its interior. Also, it can carry 10 carry-ons behind its back seat and folding it will offer more space for luggage than any of its rivals can.

Price tag 

There are many variants available for the 2022 Honda CRV and the standard one starts from $27,625. You want the top-tier trims like the Touring or Touring Hybrid, which are priced at $37,425 and $38,625 respectively. If you are planning to buy this remarkable car and get lucrative deals on it, then visit San Francisco Honda dealership.

In short, this is currently one of the best crossovers in the market that you can buy. It will provide you with ample mileage along with a performance and driving experience that will impress you and anyone else. So, hurry!



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