Why eCommerce Businesses Should Leverage Bulk SMS for Critical Notifications


One of the primary reasons why companies outsource the services of bulk SMS providers is for marketing. These companies include eCommerce business, which, more than ever, should utilize the service to alert customers regarding orders made or dispatched, upcoming appointment reminders, 2-factor authentication, and more.

This is particularly very important now that customer experience and feedback are the key things that drive growth. The best part is that there are lots of bulk SMS out there willing to help.

Celcom Africa, for instance, allows companies to reach out to a mass audience with relevant, targeted messages with only one API request, either with scheduled or incident-triggered SMS messages.

That reason, for what reasons do eCommerce companies need to leverage bulk SMS for critical notifications?

Why Use SMS Notifications for eCommerce

Bulk SMS for eCommerce simply makes sense. With open rates of 98% and the best response rates of any B2C communication channel, SMS marketing is preferred by business owners, marketers, and consumers. It delivers the message consumers seek (as it is opt-in), where they are (as phones are usually within arm’s reach), and at the right time (due to instant deliverability). What could be better?

There are many benefits of using SMS notifications for eCommerce.

1.    Guaranteed Open Rates

The beauty of text messaging is that they are not discarded and spammed like emails. They have a 98 percent success rate, which means that your bulk SMS efforts guarantee you some click-throughs or delivery.



2.    Bulk SMS Saves You Time

With bulk SMS, you can send hundreds of thousands of messages almost instantly. Better yet, you can automate the texts to save yourself and your employees time, effort, and operational costs. You can automate opt-ins, opt-outs, welcome messages, offers and discounts, and more!

3.    Bulk SMS is Highly Affordable

Compared to any other form of marketing, leveraging Bulk SMS notifications are more affordable. You can easily reach your target audience without needing expensive promotional campaigns.

4.    You Can Personalize Messages

With SMS notifications, you can personalize each message delivered directly to your customer. And if you have enabled 2-way communication, you engaging with them only drives loyalty. This helps you build meaningful relationships between your business and customers.

5.    Easy Segmentation

 SMS marketing is highly beneficial to your eCommerce business especially when you create an unlimited number of groups with similar interests. You can then further personalize your message and potential for impressive ROI.

6.    Clear Attribution

Far from easy segmentation, you can have your eCommerce SMS notifications benefit from using simple short-codes, trackable, specific URLs, and stringent opt-in processes. The upside is that this process is a simple call to action per text and can be conveniently tracked to determine its success.

There are a lot of ways eCommerce businesses can use bulk SMS for notifications. Others include using SMS to reduce shopping cart abandonment, send shipping notifications, recapture stagnant customers, and watch your return on investment skyrocket!



Send Notifications with Celcom Africa

Leveraging bulk SMS for your business’ critical notifications allows you to individually connect with your target audience one-on-one, facilitate engagement, boost revenue, and increase customer satisfaction as well as loyalty.

Celcom Africa provides fast, simple, and reliable SMS solutions that ensure your overall business growth and development.  With a wide range of SMS solutions, you can streamline your online shopping processes with automated text messages. Start sending SMS notifications and text message marketing for your business today!

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