1. Google Analytics

For good reason, Google Analytics is the undisputed leader in the data analytics space. To begin with, the tool is free. You can use it to learn about various aspects of your online business, such as your most popular pages, traffic sources, ad performance, and so on. It categorizes your traffic so you can see who is visiting your site and who is returning.


2. Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics may be the tool you need if you want to track all of your website visitors' actions. Unlike Google Analytics, it has a simple dashboard that captures various types of user interactions such as form submissions, taps, clicks on links, swipes, and transactions.


3. LeadPages

LeadPages is one of the most popular landing page tools today, and it's easy to see why. It includes a slew of features, such as drag-and-drop widgets, lead management support, and a plethora of templates, to make your development work much easier.


4. Unbounce

To begin, this tool allows you to use both dynamic and parallax content. It has been found to improve the AdWords Quality Score for PPC Campaigns by automatically creating landing pages based on the keywords that users search for on search engines.


5. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google provides a free but highly effective page-speed analyzer. This CRO tool collects and displays data by analyzing web page content. It also generates suggestions that, if properly implemented, can help to speed up your website.


6. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a free tool that provides detailed information about the speed of your website. This tool allows you to test the speed of your website from specific locations as long as it has servers there.


7. HotJar

HotJar is a popular heatmap tool for identifying hot and cold spots on your website. You can use this CRO tool to determine the most frequently visited sections of your pages, the point at which visitors leave the page, and the elements that record the most user interactions.


8. CrazyEgg

This is another paid heatmap tool that provides far more information than HotJar. CrazyEgg maps your customer journey, analyzes scrolling patterns, and even allows you to A/B test the behavior of your traffic in addition to showing you user heatmaps.


9. Google Optimize

The free version is best suited for small businesses and marketing teams that do not need to test a large number of or complex ideas. With this tool, you can only run up to five experiments at a time. If you have big ideas and want a more comprehensive testing tool, Optimizely might be a better fit.


10. Optimizely

This tool is clearly intended for more established online businesses that want to test and experiment with their big ideas. Optimizely bills itself as the world's leading experimentation platform, assisting marketing teams in testing and implementing only the most successful digital experiences.


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