Improve visibility by implementing local SEO


 If you want to increase the number of new customers who visit your online store, hire your services, or visit you in person, you need to be aware of and implement Local SEO measures. This form of search engine optimisation is directed at optimising a website so that it is more easily found by would-be customers who conduct local online searches. 


Like myself, I’m sure you’ve Googled a local service before, perhaps typing; “bakery near me”, or “florist in my area”. You may be surprised to know that most of the world now looks for products and services in the same manner. The “near me” search phenomenon has made it extremely important for local businesses to employ strategies that will get them in front of their local targeted audience. 


This is especially important for cities such as London, which have an incredibly high density of businesses, and therefore high competition. In order to stay ahead of the competition, many small and micro-sized businesses partner with a specialist SEO company in London, who’ll help them boost their online presence.  


SEO agencies implement strategic processes that bring physical brick-and-mortar stores into the (virtual) light. They exercise practices including; link building and on-page / off-page optimisation, all with the express goal of increasing brand awareness. 


Is SEO really that important? 


In short, yes it is - businesses of all sizes underestimate SEO at their peril. Low budgets, lack of awareness, and just plain old resistance to change can all account for why a business may not currently be investing in local SEO, but whatever the reason may be, I’m here to explain what it can achieve.


Google is the world's most used search engine and it boasts 5.3 billion searches performed every single day. Here's what the tech giant has to say about local searches:

  • 4 in 5 searches are performed to find local information. 

  • 54% of all smartphone searches are for local services and products. 

  • 60% of all U.K mobile users look for local services and products on their smartphones. 

  • 18% of all local searches convert into sales.

  • 50% of all local searches result in an in-store visit within 24 hours. 

 According to Google, four out of five consumers use their services to locate services, products, or experiences in their immediate vicinity. These searches can be performed at home, in the office, or on the go. The object for the consumer is quite straightforward - they expect Google to provide the most accurate and well-represented information out there. 


Considering all the information available to us, it's quite easy to see that local SEO plays a crucial role in business success. Moreover, a strategic partnership with an SEO company in London will further increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, driving even more customers to your door.


But is it for me?


Local SEO is suitable for virtually every business, regardless of its size and domain. However, if your target audience is purely international, maximising local representation may be a misdirection of resources. Localised SEO helps local businesses address an audience in a particular area, so whether you operate a pub, a bingo hall, or a preschool, local search engine optimisation will help get you noticed.   


Consider the following examples: 




We’ve all found ourselves in the midst of minor plumbing crises at some stage, and what are we likely to do? Reach for our smartphone and Google; ‘’plumbers near me’’. Google offers customers quick information in addition to customer testimonials and reviews which helps our decision making.  


Restaurants & hotels


It’s your anniversary and you want to treat your significant other to a memorable night out, how do you decide on where to go? A simple google search for; ‘’most romantic restaurants in London’’ and your phone will tell you the answer!


Not only can a search engine give you a location, but also; menus, specialities, experiences, and photos to validate your decision. You can even make reservations and give precise instructions to ensure an unforgettable experience. 


Healthcare professionals 


Healthcare and hospital information is one of the most prominent searches on search engines such as Bing and Google. Emergencies come without warning and often in places we are least acquainted with. Using search engines not only gives a list of health care facilities nearby, but also provides us with all the relevant information we need at a crucial time. 


Mobile devices, tablets and laptops may be the most popular means by which we make our local searches today, however, new products with advanced AI are emerging. These technologies will impact the way consumers interact with local businesses. 


It is for all these reasons, and more besides that businesses must take the steps required to stay relevant to their local audience. If you own a small business or startup in London and are trying to get your products and services showcased locally, collaborating with an SEO company in London will be a decision you will not regret

About the author:

Sam Dunning is the Sales Director and Co-Owner at WEB CHOICE, UK.

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