What Are the Different Stages of Weight Loss


30-Second Summary

Although everyone’s weight loss journey can be different, we all tend to go through several distinct stages of weight loss.

These are characterized by varying weight loss progress mediated by specific metabolism changes.

It’s normal for everyone to reach a plateau in their weight loss journey after several months of big progress. 

Knowing the intricacies of the different weight loss stages can show you what to expect during each one and prepare you in the best possible way.

Additionally, it will keep you from getting demotivated and questioning whether you are on the right track.


When starting on a weight loss journey, it’s essential to take your time to understand the basics behind the process. If you want to succeed, you’d have to learn about balanced and nutritious dieting, understanding calories, having a proper exercise routine, and more.

You can always reach out to a professional nutritionist and fitness coach, but it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals behind their teachings. One thing that few people know is that weight loss happens in stages. Generally, we can divide them into rapid and slow weight loss. 

Those who don’t know about that can become significantly discouraged upon reaching the slow weight loss stages. They might feel as if they’re doing things wrong, start changing their routines, and even quit.

However, slow progress or hitting plateaus are normal and are essential parts of weight loss that we simply cannot skip. Knowing that can make you more confident about your routine and keep you motivated to keep going.

Keep on reading to find out more about what’s most important to do during each weight loss stage. We will also talk about how the best weight loss supplements can help you overcome plateaus and make you healthier overall.

The 5 Stages Of Weight Loss 

1] The Honeymoon Phase of Weight Loss

Starting on your weight loss journey is arguably the most challenging part of the whole process. However, once you’ve committed your time and energy, you can start experiencing drastic results during the first few months. It’s the time when we are most motivated to achieve our goals. This makes a big difference.

The honeymoon stage of weight loss is characterized by a period of fast weight loss and substantial results on the scale. Moreover, you’ll feel more positive and energized because of the influx of beneficial hormones resulting from healthy eating and practicing sports. The body starts getting rid of the excess fat and the muscles strengthen.

Additionally, once you start noticing the positive results, motivation may increase even further, leading to several months of drastic improvements.

2] Slower Weight Loss Stage

As the body gradually starts getting used to the changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise, weight loss becomes slower and less evident. Usually, after a few months of fast weight loss, we reach a stage when progress becomes a lot slower despite us fanatically following our routines.

As the process drags on, we may begin losing motivation and start drifting away from our diet and exercise plans. Frustration can take a toll on some and even make them quit their weight loss journeys. That’s usually the stage when most people will fail as hunger can also start to kick in.

However, having slower weight loss is normal and a part of the whole process. The number one weight loss tip for this stage is to keep following your routines. Eventually, the results will have a compounding effect.

3] Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau

The next weight-loss stage, the plateau, usually comes after six months or a year into your weight loss journey. You might notice that despite sticking to a healthy diet plan and exercise routine, you are losing very little weight or none at all.

Once again, that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Now that your body is fully adjusted to your new healthy habits, it takes even more effort and willpower to continue making progress. During this stage, you may feel like giving up. But it’s paramount to stay true to your habits. Think about the progress you’ve made so far and keep going.

Dietary supplements can significantly help you during this stage. Check out a few Modere Trim reviews.

4] Ingraining Positive Lifestyle Changes

Once you’ve achieved substantial weight loss, it’s time to start thinking about the positive habits you’ve gained so far and to make sure you retain them for life. Because by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, you are also investing in your future health and wellness.

5] Maintaining Your Weight Loss Progress and Lifestyle Habits

The final stage of your weight loss journey is to ensure you maintain your progress and avoid going to old poor habits, such as overeating, eating junk food, being inactive, not getting enough sleep, etc.

During this stage, this positive lifestyle will start feeling natural. All it takes to keep going forward is to stick with it.

Some Tips For Losing Weight Faster

If you want to step up your weight loss journey, you can start tracking your daily calories and spread your protein, carbs, and fats in healthy proportions.

Other pro weight loss tips to speed up your journey, include finding a gym buddy, getting a lot of fiber, managing stress, and drinking plenty of water.

Consider Trying Dietary Supplements 

Something that can potentially help you overcome a plateau is to try out natural and research-backed dietary supplements. 

These are packed with precious nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and herb extracts that can benefit your metabolism. Check out a few Modere Trim reviews for a starter.

Final Words 

Overall, you’d have to remember that weight loss results don’t happen overnight, and you’d have to load yourself with plenty of motivation and willpower.

Don’t feel discouraged when you notice that progress is slowing down. It’s part of the process.

Additionally, make sure you check out a few of the best weight loss supplements. Still, opt only for natural and research-backed formulas.

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