What is Sexual Harassment?


In today's society, there are more sexual perils. especially sexual harassment in youth Therefore, we should learn how to protect ourselves to be safe.

Metrics / Learning Objectives

Standard H 2.1  Understanding and appreciating one's self, family, sex education, and having skills in life. Indicators tell you how to avoid behaviors that lead to sexual harassment. 

Learning material

Sexual harm (sexual harassment)

Nowadays, students are meeting strangers all the time. Sometimes we cannot know if a person is a good person or a bad person. Some adults may have a bad idea of ​​their students in one way or another. In the end, these bad guys may want to do things with the students' bodies. which may lead to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an act of degradation of another person's sexuality. Whether it's touching the body such as cheeks, lips, breasts, genitals, both using eyes and using intimidating gestures. In addition to causing damage to the body, it also affects the mind as well.

Sexual harassment Can be divided into 3 types as follows: Verrbal sexual harassment. It is the use of words to cause disgrace, including criticism of appearance, dress, using obscene speech. Telling obscene jokes, flirting, chasing, flirting, even though they know that the other person doesn't like it. Sexual harassment through indecent acts is the use of eyes or any act that causes disgrace where the perpetrators are not exposed to us, such as viewing pornography, peeping in the bathroom (voyeur) or secretly taking pictures. (According to the fitting room, bathroom) sexual harassment by action is the cause of the sexual degradation of being touched. And it is an act that is clearly noticeable, such as an indecent act of hugging, kissing, or touching a woman's body.

Actions that lead to sexual harassment

Behaviors that lead to sexual harassment are as follows:

Dressed impolitely, inappropriately, and not appropriate for the occasion. Especially females, such as wearing short skirts wearing wide-necked shirt Wear shorts, etc. Shows inappropriate gestures such as touching cheeks, holding hands, holding hands with the opposite sex's arms, asking for a kiss on the cheek, etc.

  • Trusting the opposite sex or staying with the opposite sex in secret.

  • Go for a night out or entertainment or walk in a lonely place with no one alone.

  • Discuss or trust invitations from unknown strangers.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages and drugs leads to a lack of consciousness and lack of restraint.

  • Watching sexually provocative materials, such as watching videos or reading pornography.

  • Make bad friends, such as asking each other for drugs or going out for a night out. dating friends of the opposite sex before their age

  • Situations that lead to sexual harassment

  • Situations leading to child sexual abuse are as follows:

  • deception or reward to satisfy their own sexual desires

  • intimidation cause fear dare not resist may occur through the use of force Sometimes there may also be an injury to the body.

  • drinking alcohol or substance abuse with friends or adults

  • being asked to perform contractual obligations on various matters from a respected person or from a person of superior power

Know to be safe

In today's society, there is danger all around. Especially the dangers to females in different ways. Even males can be dangerous as well. Especially in childhood, such as seducing children in a corrupt way This creates problems with female safety in the field of sexual harassment. which makes it a problem for society as well, Therefore, we should learn how to protect ourselves to be safe as follows:

Dress modestly, no skirts pants that are too short

  • Girls shouldn't be at home alone. When sleeping, the door should be completely closed.

  • not going alone and not walking alone on lonely roads or returning home late at night

  • Not going anywhere with strangers or receiving items when invited and does not open the door for strangers to enter easily

  • Do not go to the restroom alone. Should be accompanied by several adults or friends of the same sex.

  • Do not visit inappropriate places such as movie theaters, shopping centers, without adult supervision.

  • Do not watch media or read sexually provocative books.

Should not trust the opposite sex whether friends or relatives and don't go to secret places with people of the opposite sex. When incidents of sexual harassment with us, such as touching the body hug or kiss on the cheek Tell your parents, guardians, teachers, teachers, or trusted people immediately.