11 Tips on how to look attractive and stylish in casual clothes

Do you know what makes men look attractive and stylish? No doubt, it's confidence. And you won't disagree if I say, It's an attire that gives confidence. Good clothes boost your self-esteem. Eventually, your outward attitude and attire look appealing to others. 

Nowadays, It has become necessary to stay well-groomed, smell nice and look classy because your external look has a great impact on your success.

 You must be assuming that expensive clothes give a stylish look. But the reality is you don't have to be rich to look attractive and stylish. What you need to do is: Simply, try to buy good quality casual clothes. Orvis shirts and jackets are of great quality and provide a trendy and smart look within range. 

Here are some golden rules and guidelines, by following them your casual attire can effortlessly convey a fabulous look.

1. Win the first impression: 

There is a common saying that the first impression is the last. Your attire portrays who you are. If a person wears wrinkles free, neat and clean, simple shirts paired with jeans and jacket or coat. Surely he will give an attractive look as compared to the one who wears average attire. 

It takes a few minutes to make a first impression. If you want to win the first impression then pay attention to your wardrobe, add some classy apparel and wear them with confidence.

2. Well-fitted clothes:

Fit clothes flatter your figure and make you look remarkable. Before buying any attire, you should try them on and make sure they look perfect on your body shape. Casual clothes don't look good if they do not fit flawlessly. Well-fitted shirts paired with well-fitted bottoms like jeans or chinos, makes you look more noticeable and prominent.

3. Quality clothes

You can easily look classy in good quality casual clothes. Before buying any piece, pay attention to the fabric, stitching, cuts, asymmetry and durability. Invest in high-quality pieces and you won't regret it. 

There is a huge variety available in the market like Orvis shirts and jackets even bottoms and shoes are of good quality with an elegant look

4. Use Clothing to build confidence:

The right and nice apparel makes you feel influential and encourages you to feel empowered and comfortable in your skin. Wear what you feel, is comfortable for you and what makes you satisfied. Your satisfaction reveals your confidence and makes you look happier. 

5. Add neutral colours:

Choose an eye-catching combination of colours to convey an attractive look. Don't feel shy from trying different colours. Add neutral colours like navy, khaki, grey and some others. They are timeless means you can wear them year-round easily. Neutral colours give a versatile look, hooks attention and can be paired with any outfit. 

6. Find your style: 

Bring creativity in your outfit and explore what suits you and makes you look amazing and stand out from the ground. Reveal your best features with your original version, uniqueness and confidence. 

7. Choose the right material:

You know that fabric textures add interest to your attire. Always look for wrinkle-free and breathable materials like denim, polyester, wool, leather, lyocell, linen-cotton mix or pure cotton. Even nowadays you can easily get clothes which provide sunscreen protection to save your body from harmful rays. so you should try a variety of fabrics to give a unique look.

8. Add attractive layers to look sharp in casual wear:

Layers work well and change the game from average to awesome. Well fitted coats, jackets, gilets, blazers, denim jackets or vests help you stand out and modify casual attire into a stylish and attractive outfit and makes you look eye-catching.

9. Add contrast colours: 

Contrast colours add vitality to your clothes. You can create a high-contrast outfit by pairing light clothes with dark clothes or wearing complementary colours is another tremendous way to create contrast. You can also look great in items that have high contrast within themselves, like Boldly striped T-shirts or check shirts. 

10. Add accessories:

Accessories work great to enhance casual clothes, giving an impressive look. Even one accessory is plenty enough like a watch, belt, sunglasses or hat.

11. Master the Art of presentation:

The way you present yourself has a great impact on your everyday life. If you're wearing sloppy attire, it means you are not serious about yourself and gives other people the opportunity to ignore you as well. Even You are wearing expensive apparel, if they are not well pressed or have loose buttons, you'll lose the charm. Work on yourself:

  • Maintain your wardrobe

  • Develop a self-care routine

  • Trim fingernails and facial hair

  • Above all, look fresh and clean.

Always feel good and positive about yourself and learn how to interact with the world. 


Wearing casual clothes by keeping these tips in mind, helps you to look stylish and attractive. Try different clothes and choose which suits you best. A variety of brands have produced stylish casual clothes to give an attractive look to the clients, you just have to wear them. Orvis shirts and jackets are designed to give a perfect look with simplicity and comfort.

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