4 Successful Tactics to Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

What is the most expensive part of the house? It's not your bedroom as most of you may believe. It's the kitchen! In-home remodeling, kitchen renovation take the most time of all and can cost you more than an expected expense. The added materials and labor costs can add up quickly to the bill. 

But the good news is that kitchen remodeling is possible within a fixed budget too! It's not so surprising to those people who had constructed their houses in DHA plots in Multan. The kitchens in DHA-constructed houses are phenomenal in their own way. 

As a homeowner, you need to keep the costs minimal. Remember a designer or constructor will try to maximize their profits the same way you want to increase your savings. These tips will help you to remodel your kitchen on the budget you want. 

1- Refresh instead of replacing 

The kitchen renovation usually begins with tearing off the kitchen doors and cupboards. It can cost you a lot more in installing new materials. New kitchen cabinets can cost you high bucks especially if your heart is set on a pattern or a specific material. 

There are some ways you can save money in this case instead of buying new cabinet doors like; 

  • Painting - It updates the cabinets and doors. Start with the process of sanding, priming, and painting. It can be time-consuming, your cabinets will look as fresh as new. 

  • Refacing - An expensive alternative to painting, it does add a new appeal to the outside of the cabinet boxes by replacing the doors and drawer fronts. You need proper tools to do it so take help from labor. 

  • Hardware - Even changing kitchen knobs can do the magic trick into giving an updated modern look to the cabinets. 

2- Refurbishing the kitchen appliances 

Long gone are days when kitchen appliances were sent to landfills during the house remodeling. 

Now it's easier to find the guides and install steps for fixing kitchen appliances. You will find super reasonable online services in the market to offering to provide such installation services. It makes refurbishing appliances the easy way. 

Some of the common appliances you can readily fix include dishwasher, microwave, water heater, garbage disposal, and so on. You can watch YouTube tutorial videos on installing these appliances. If you have a good knack for DIY you can save money this way. 

3- Maintain the kitchen layout 

Are you thinking to move the sink by the window to the other island? Our suggestion: don’t do it. Any dramatic change in the kitchen will increase the expense. It means hiring more laborers or the remodeling work will continue longer. 

Instead of punching new holes in the wall, which means more manpower and budget, keep the kitchen layout the same. This way no additional plumbing or electrical work will be required. Keep the floor the same too if you like. 

In case your kitchen is galley-style (corridor kitchen) you already have limited space which means changing the flooring shouldn't be the priority unless the tiles are damaged. Allow more flexibility just by having a one-wall kitchen layout. It means more open space on the side. 

4- Be ready for DIY 

There are so many ways you can remodel a kitchen - all by yourself! Some remodeling projects can be DIY too. Interior painting, tiling, changing outlets and lights, hanging drywall, trimming, and so on are just a few examples of a DIY project to cut down the costs. 

Visit local hardware stores to get the necessary supplies. But before this, take some short courses for demonstrations for free. An important factor you need to consider during your DIY project is that you are working on a tight budget. So hiring a team of professionals can be sidelined if you do not have a tight deadline to meet. If not, you can hire a team to do the heavy tasks while you continue to do some quick tasks. 


Are you excited to start your kitchen remodeling under a budget? These tips will help you consider the pinpoints you didn't think about before. Smart planning helps reduce expenses. Or if you are fixated on remodeling the entire kitchen despite the limited budget, our suggestion is to do it one season without any rush!

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