5 Gmail Alternatives That Aren't Outlook

 Gmail and Outlook offer spectacular email programs for sending and receiving emails. But why stop here when we can explore other options and make the most of our experience. And let's be honest, Outlook isn't as customizable as other email programs, so it can be challenging to find the information when we need it. 

The best Gmail alternatives are more customizable and feature-rich than Outlook. They also have more features that make them better for productivity and personalization. 

The Best Gmail Alternatives

We've carefully curated a list of options for you. We also recommend using these internet packages for a seamless experience. Let's dive right into it then. 

  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email client that offers a Gmail alternative. It has a clean interface, easy-to-use, and intuitive features. It supports multiple accounts with customizable labels and filters for each account. You can easily create filters for each account, which helps you organize incoming emails in categories based on topics or the sender's email. 

The application also allows users to create smart folders that automatically categorize emails into different categories based on the sender or subject line of the email. The Zoho Mail application is available in over 60 languages. It has a minimal interface that makes it easy to use and intuitive, with a clean layout and all the necessary features right at your fingertips. 

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a FOSS email client and a mail server developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It is the default email client for macOS, GNU/Linux, and Windows OS. Thunderbird focuses on security and privacy. It also includes support for Mozilla Sync so that users can synchronize emails and calendar events. 

The program has various features that make it a popular alternative to Microsoft Outlook. These include support for spam filtering through the Mass settings developer extension, support for archiving messages, a unified inbox view with tag-based search function through the Unified Inbox Toolbar extension, and an integrated conversation view. 

  1. Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a client of email that comes with many features and functionalities. We highlight the features and functionality of Apple Mail and the pros and cons.


  • Simple to use

  • It supports multiple accounts

  • It has automatic signatures for all your contacts

  • It has a clean interface 

  • You can easily find your emails by searching or using filters/folders in the search bar/menus

  • You can add shortcuts to your favorite emails or contacts so you can quickly access them

  • It lets you save emails, contacts, and events for future reference

  • It lets you add content to your email drafts

  • You can easily send email replies with a pre-formatted text or specific email signature

  • -You have the option to automatically archive emails or delete them without archiving 


Occasionally, it takes a while for your email to send or bounce back. It's due to Apple Mail's servers being flooded with orders of magnitude more traffic than usual.

  • It doesn't support multiple signatures for each contact

  • You can only add shortcuts to your favorite contacts, not emails

  1. ProtonMail

Proton Mail is an alternative to other email services. The founder of Proton Technologies, Dr. Andy Yen, believes that the best way for people to protect themselves from government spying and surveillance is through using Proton Mail as their email provider because of its end-to-end encryption features.

Proton Mail features an interface that is easy to use, supports two-factor authentication, and is compatible with all devices. It offers a variety of accounts, starting from the free version up to the Visionary account. You can give it a try for just about $35 per six users for the entire month.

  1. SparkMail 

SparkMail is a popular email application that can send, receive and manage emails. It is an alternative to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. With SparkMail, you can enjoy emailing without the hassle of spam filters and other features that make it difficult for people to use email services. 

SparkMail offers a clean interface with easy access to your inboxes from any device. You can also select filters for your inboxes to avoid having to worry about spam or junk emails cluttering your inboxes. It is available on all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Some worth mentioning features include easy personalization, to-dos, reminders for your inboxes, easy sharing of messages with others, and more.

Switch it Up

Switching to a better email provider can be difficult. You might have to go through the hassle of changing your password and other settings. However, the benefits of doing so are many, as explained above. And also, Windstream Communications is offering incredible deals for your internet needs. So, choose your app and enjoy a seamless connectivity experience.