A hat wearer's guide to reshaping a cowboy headgear flawlessly


Irrespective of whether you purchase a new headgear or ungrounded a hat from your grandfather's wardrobe, it is essential to observe the shape of the cowboy hat before you think of wearing it. Even if it is not very old, you might notice creases and wrinkles due to lack of maintenance and storage. Sometimes an old cowboy hat might be full of scratches and marks. Whether your headgear has lost its shape or shrunk in size, you must have adequate knowledge about how to revamp your Cowboy headgear. It gives rise to pertinent question-can you reshape a straw cowboy hat

Acknowledging the fitting

Irrespective of your location, wearing crisp and sharp cowboy hats can take your appearance a notch higher and steal the crowd's attention. However, you must know that most Cowboy hats are loose on the edges and tight in the front of the head. Therefore to revive the shape of your Cowboy head cap preventing the wind from blowing it away, you must reshape the heart and make it brand new. 

Before you begin with the reshaping process, you must acknowledge the fitting of the headgear after wearing it and inserting a finger between the head and the hat. If you find the fitting uncomfortable, causing a headache, or too loose on your head, you know it is a good indication that your cowboy hat requires reshaping.

Going through the process

All hats require a different procedure to revive their original shape. Some call for steaming, while others might require stretching of the headgear. A few headgears need different methods to acquire their original form.

Reshaping felt cowboy hats

Steaming is a good choice if you want your Ill-fitting cowboy headgear to fit you right. If you own a cowboy hat made of wool or rabbit fur, you can opt for steaming your hat to allow the heat and moisture to eliminate the wrinkles. You must undertake the step-by-step procedure to reshape your felt hat.

  1. The first step includes boiling the hat in hot water within a kettle. You can also use a garment steamer as the kettle's spout does the same job as the steamer to penetrate the heat into the hat.
  2. The next step is to expose the headgear to the steam. The steam can help reshape the crown of your hat and make it soft by giving it a proper shape. However, you must be careful; you are steaming your hat as it might burn your fingers. Another important consideration is to avoid heating sweatbands, which also comes from leather. It would help if you also avoided over-steaming the headgear, or it might result in the shrinking of the hat.
  3. Once you complete steaming, you can reshape different areas by removing the creases and ends with your hand and giving your headgear the desired shape.
  4.  The next step is to allow your hat to cool down and acquire the shape you provide it. You must avoid frequent rough handling of the headgear as it requires the same procedure to achieve better results.

Reshaping the leather cowboy

While you can reshape your leather headgear, it can be risky to steam your leather caps. Excessive heating of your leather headgear can compromise its quality. In case it has cracks on it, you can shape your leather cowboy hat with the help of the following steps.

  1. The first and the former step includes spraying water around various hat areas and moistening it thoroughly. You can use your hand to eliminate the creases and wrinkles on the surface and brim of your headgear. 
  2. The next step is to use a hat form such as newspapers to fit it within the hat's crown and stretch the deformed area. You must pull the cap around its surface by placing an object such as a soccer ball inside it.
  3. Lastly, it would help if you kept your leather Cowboy head cap under a cool shade away from direct sunlight. 

Such a procedure might require a few days to give you lasting results. You can also stack a bundle of books to straighten the brim of the headgear.

Revamping your palm leaf hat

Some cowboy hats come from palm leaves. Individuals owning such headgear are the lucky lot as it is the easiest and quickest technique to reshape the palm leaf cowboy hat.

  1. The first step includes filling your tub with lukewarm water and submerging your headgear into it. You must be careful to use lukewarm water only as the cold and hot water is not suitable for reshaping a palm leaf cowboy hat. 
  2. Once you have immersed the hat in water, the next step is to use your hands and straighten the creases of the hat. You can also unfold the wrinkles formed in the cap and reshape them according to your preference. It would help if you dried the hat in a ventilated area avoiding exposure to sunlight. Hat wearers must ensure there is no moisture in the palm leaf hat, preventing the growth of molds.

 Instead of looking for a professional Hat shaper, you can reshape your cowboy headgear simply. Bring back the squashed, out of shape, stretched, or shrunk hat with the above techniques.