Essential Things You Cannot Miss About Car Stickers


The car decals have gained maximum attention during the recent years and have emerged as a cost-effective mode of advertisement. There are plenty of graphics-based decals you are sure to spot on different vehicles. However, the last thing you want is applying the wrong sticker. So, you need to know your take on choosing the stickers. 

Things to remember when applying the car stickers:

What are the basic aspects to keep in mind when applying a car decal? Read the points below to explore more options.

1. Clean the surface of application

If the surface on which to apply the decal is not properly cleaned, the sticker will not stay adhered to the surface. You need to make the surface shiny and clean by using a soapy solution at first and follow it up with isopropyl alcohol to ensure that it is free from the oily residues. Finally, you need to make the surface dry and let the moisture escape before applying the sticker.

2. Bubble-free application 

Preferably, you need to apply the sticker in a specific temperature and in a controlled environment. When removing the paper at the back, you must also have an air releasing tool. Furthermore, you need to maintain tension on the backing paper to ensure a bubble-free application. 

When removing the decals, you must ensure that the last bits of residue go off with ease. The car stickers serve an array of purposes and among them advertising and brand awareness is primary. For instance, the bumper stickers usually stay attached to the bumper of the vehicle. Most often, the organizations use the stickers for advertising the brand. 

Tips to design a sticker:

The car stocker you choose must help the onlookers remember your brand and the logo so that when they spot the logo the next time, they can immediately recognize the brand. Here is what you need to keep in mind about the car sticker.

1. Simple message

Remember that the stickers on the speeding vehicles do not give people much time to read may things except when the vehicle slows down at traffic intersections. Therefore, you must keep the message concise and simple and refrain from using long statements. You need to be precise and allow people to read the message. 

2. Generate interest 

Whenever people spot the car stickers, it should leave them with the quest to know more. Therefore, you must not put the entre information on the sticker. Typically, the message on the sticker needs to be short ad make the readers feel intrigued about the services and products you offer. 

Clarity of the message:

You may create the most unique shape and decide a distinctive way of spreading the word about your business. When you need the bumper sticker noticed from a distance, the message needs to be more legible. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the size of the letters. 

Furthermore, you can choose from the color combinations that can be easily noticed from a distance. The aim of using a car stocker is to make your brand attention-seeking and attractive. Once you know where to start and end, designing the sticker needs to be damn easy.