Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipe Products


Cleanse not only your hands but all surfaces you come into contact with from all kinds of bacteria, with individually packaged wet wipes with antiseptic properties so that you can carry them easily with you. You can easily use it for the disinfection of door handles, tables, chairs, computers, and various other surfaces that you have to touch in your daily life. While ordinary wet wipes only clean, Renasan bulk disinfectant wipes both clean and destroy viruses and germs. It eliminates the risk of infecting you with viruses from these surfaces.


Disinfecting Wipe Specifications


To ensure the health and hygiene of both yourself and your family and all the people around you, you must use a disinfectant wipe product to prevent the spread of the virus from hand to hand. Renasan medical-grade disinfectant wipes gently cleanse your skin without drying it and irritating it, thanks to the moisturizers and emollients it contains.


Cleaning is very important in hospitals, restaurants and similar places. The most important advantage of disinfectant wipes in these areas is that they are disposable. Once used, you can throw it away. You can clean the table and door handles with this cleaning wipe. You can also clean your hands with these wipes. Thanks to being alcohol-based, these wipes provide a deep cleaning. It cleans almost all bacteria in seconds. The cleaning effect is permanent. Once you wipe your hand, you prevent the formation of bacteria for hours.


With its 70% alcohol-based strong effect, it purifies your hands from all viruses and bacteria in just 30 seconds and provides long-term hygiene.


Renasan is the most reliable hand and skin disinfectant in crowded environments such as public vehicles, markets, hospitals and offices, and workplaces where you spend the most time. Since it is dermatologically and irritant tested and approved does not cause any irritation to your skin, and you can use it safely. And Renasan provides you disinfectant wipes with best prices.



One of the most important points to consider when purchasing disinfectant wipes is the quality of the material. Poor material quality can pose a problem for skin health. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the details when purchasing disinfectant wipes. Cleaning wipes offered to you by Renasan are hygienic. It is based on the human body and has been dermatologically tested. It has been proven by these tests that disinfectant wipes destroy bacteria.

The use of these wipes for cleaning prevents the spread of diseases. Most diseases are caused by microbes on the hands and other surfaces. Disinfectant wipes destroy these microbes and prevent their reoccurrence for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to use wipes regularly. The fact that it can be used on all surfaces and is easy to use are among the prominent features of disinfectant wipes.


Disinfecting Wipe Prices

Disinfectant wipes prices may vary according to many different factors. The number and material properties of the wipes are the main factors in the price fluctuation. The alcohol content of the wipes also affects the price. Wipes with higher alcohol content have higher price tags.

As Renasan, we offer disinfectant wipes at affordable prices and wholesale. In this way, you can easily buy a large number of disinfectant wipes. You can contact Renasan for more detailed information on the subject.