Modern Washbasin Design Ideas to Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom

We are living in unprecedented times. Although we may all be living in a state of uncertainty throughout the world, there is one thing that we all have in common in every household right now: the need to wash our hands regularly.

One thing is sure: a bathroom washbasin is a place that is being used a lot right now, whether it is because it is a habit some of us have followed to the letter our whole lives or because it is something whose advantages some of us have just lately found. And, with so much free time on our hands these days, many of us have turned our attention to spring cleaning our home improvement tasks around the house.

A design for a minimal washbasin?

This style is particularly effective in tiny washbasins, where it helps to make the bathroom seem less crowded and more practical. In addition to appearing crowded, a cluttered table top wash basin is challenging to manoeuvre—significantly if the tabletop just extends a few inches beyond the sink. It's an intelligent technique to declutter and open up the space by keeping the room as empty as possible and bringing in the necessities.

Concrete can be used to add an earthy touch to your washbasin design.

Although we followed the usual guideline of utilising just white to create a minimally attractive environment in our previous suggestion, basic earthy tones may also provide a calming touch to your bathroom. A simple concrete countertop for your washbasin, coupled with walls painted in a complementary colour (light grey works well here), will be a unique approach to include a touch of brutalist style into your designs and decor.

Every inch of space counts in the design of your washbasin

This bathroom makes efficient use of all of the available space by extending the table top wash basin from one end of the wall to the other end of the room. The area under the sink has also been maximised, resulting in a large amount of storage space.

To prevent the appearance of being too crowded, an open shelf at the bottom of the countertop drawer has been constructed to provide the impression of more room. This might be a convenient location to store a basic, tidy wicker or rattan basket, which could be used to store dirty clothes.

Glamorous makeover for your washbasin

With the addition of a simple gold faucet fitting, a traditional white porcelain sink is given a stylish makeover in this corner washbasin. The simple act of replacing your current bathroom fixtures with modern ones in chrome or metallic finishes can immediately elevate the room’s appearance without the expense and time commitment of a complete makeover.

If you want a more organised appearance, make sure all of your fixtures have the same finish to prevent making the room seem cluttered or unplanned. This washbasin design is enhanced by using a matching mirror frame that matches the tap's finish.

Sharing a room with anybody is never easy—whether it's a sibling as you grow up, your colleague or even your spouse or life partner later on—and a shared bathroom is much more tricky. However, if you have the space and money to do so, try establishing his and her lavatory designs in your bathroom to divide lavatory areas from each other. This will not only help you preserve a particular personal area but also allow you to utilise the area as you want without compromise.

Discover recent highlights and collections of design

The top and hand rinse basins from the Luv series are constructed of DuraCeram®, which can be used to create very accurate edges and creates an obvious and beautiful design in combination with the oval shape of the bowl. The tanks are provided with or without an integrated tap platform that acts as a rack for soap or other products. The ceramic slotted waste gives the exquisite series the final touch.


The lavatory has very accurate, parallel lines which create room for smooth and circular transitions within the lavatory. Made from the revolutionary DuraCeram® material, precision rims of only five millimetres of thickness may be produced. This maximises the basin size.


The design suggestions for a washbasin come down to one last and most essential point: don't overcrowd the countertop with unnecessary items. This is an area that should only include the necessities and should be maintained as clean and dry as possible at all times. Hoarding or storing all of your beauty and shower items in one place will make the essential act of washing your hands a problematic endeavour, and it will also complete the routine task of countertop cleaning a time-consuming job. Furthermore, your goods should stay that way; they should not be shown for the rest of the world to view.