The Reading Milestones

Reading is an important skill. It is not only required for learning language, but as language is a tool for learning other subjects like science, therefore, reading plays a pivotal role in your child’s learning.

Hence, it is important that parents be aware of the reading milestone and keep track of them in their children.

If they observe any reading issue or learning difficulty in their child, they can then discuss the case with the family physician at Chinar International Hospital and get them to help if needed.


Reading milestones

Children ages 0 to 1 year

Children in their infancy are able to recognize the sounds and make rudimentary gestures to communicate their meaning. They may also make clear, or gibberish sounds in response as a sign of communication.

Moreover, while they are not able to be ready, they are able to look at pictures, respond to them, help with turning the pages. Some might also try to pretend-read. They may also be able to understand some sentences. At this age, your child will also start to develop an interest in books.


Children aged 1 to 3

At this age, children are able to recognize elements in the books, and may even respond to queries about them. They can pick out their favorite book as well, and they might make requests about reading these. 

Children can also recite or read out some of the words that they might have picked from their favorite books. They can turn pages in the books and pretend to read them. They may also scribble on pages as well.

Around the age of 3, children have good enough memory to recount the stories in the books. They are also more familiar with the alphabet at this point, so might also pick on them.


Children aged 3 to 4 years

By this age, children can independently handle books. They can recognize the alphabets, make sounds to them, recognize the alphabets that are part of their name, etc., as they can write their name by this point.  They also know the reading direction by this point.

Not just books, but children can also pick on the letters in different places, like the labels, etc. They can also pick on rhyming letters. Alongside recounting stories, they are also aware of the phonics of certain words.


Children aged 4 to 5

Children aged 4-5 years are able to recognize greater words. They can pick on rhyming words, produce similar words, match the spoken words with the written ones and pick on the different parts of the words.

By this age, children are also able to improve their writing skills. Their comprehension is also better, with increased vocabulary as well. Alongside reading simpler words, they are also better able to predict the story as well. 


Children aged 6 to 7

Children aged 6-7 years have improved grasp of writing and are able to better grasp the rules of spelling. Their reading also improves to be more fluent. Moreover, by this age, they are also independently carrying out the task of reading, provided it is simple enough. They can also correct themselves in case they make a mistake.

Their imagination also starts to align with the written content, as their comprehension increases. Their ability to predict words also increases.


Children aged 8 to 10

Children have gained sufficient reading skills by this point, and they start to use these skills to learn otherwise as well. They get hold of complicated grammatical aspects and tools, can understand different passages and their themes, and answer relevant questions as well.


Expert help

If you realize that your child has yet to meet their reading milestones, or if you suspect a case of learning difficulty, rather than panicking, talk to your Child specialist in Karachi. You can then consult relevant therapists to help your child with the diagnosis and management of the difficulty if any. 

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