Tips to Choose Best Kids Bike Seats

Riding a bicycle is a hobby for many Australian citizens, and the thrill of riding through the traffic and forest are equally incredible. Biking is a fun activity, and some spend a long time on their bikes—but it's not easy for many to leave their house for long hours of cycling, especially those with kids. But that issue can be solved by using the baby bike seats. This type of seat is popular among several parents.


These seats are best for carrying your kids on your bikes without the fear of them falling or losing the bike's balance. These seats can be fitted in three different places on the bike, such as at the front, middle/centre, and rear. Wherever you attach the seat, ensure that they have a tight grip and is not wobbling.


While you shop for baby bike seats, ensure the quality and durability promised by the manufacturer. You can also check the product reviews online because any fault or malfunction in the seat can cause injury to your kid.


Tips for choosing the best bike seats for your kid:


Choose from these three options.

As said earlier, these seats can be attached at three different places on the bike, and the kids' seat must be attached to the bike where they (kids) are the safest. Usually, the matter is left at the parent's discretion, as they know their kids very well.

The seat and its position on the bike will also depend on the size and age of the kid. Most parents prefer seating the baby at the rear end of the bicycle. As your baby grows up, a new seat is needed.


Even though the seats can hold children up to 5—18 Kg is the maximum weight limit. 


Age is a factor

Children between 6 months to 5 years are suitable to sit in the baby bike seats. Children beyond the age of 5 must be seated at the rear of the bike because it'll offer a great balance to the rider.


  • Front-mounted kids bike seats: 9 months to 4 years

  • Centre-mounted kids bike seats: 6 months to 4 years

  • Rear-mounted kids bike seats: 1 month to 5 years


Choose an all-bike compatible seat.

As there are many types of bikes with slightly different structures, you should consider the seats that fit well with your bike. If you buy a seat that can be mounted on any bike, it will not become useless when you change the bicycle. Ensure you tighten the seat properly on the bike because if you are going off the road, the frequent shaking of the cycle may make it come loose. Buy one with proper mounting technology and find a mechanic to attach it to the bike if you are not skilled enough.


Choose a brand/manufacturer with good aftersale service

The baby bike seats are for children, and if they malfunction, the kids may get hurt. Hence, you need to ensure that it is attached well and is sturdy now and then—a half-early checkup of the seat will be a good idea, and it's great if the manufacturer offers a few free services.


All these tips will help you choose the right baby bike seat for your child. And with proper seats, there will not be any issues riding your bike for long hours.

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