Trading metals adelaide

Trading Metals Adelaide

Trading metals adelaide is located in Adelaide, South Australia, buy, recycle and sell scrap metal and pay top prices for copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, pvc cable, batteries, steel, bronze, tin and anything metallic. Our service to Industry and small business is second to none and we have hundreds of bins of all sizes that are in service and available around South Australia.

Our yard is easy to get and access and is only 15 minutes north of the Adelaide CBD, at Dry Creek. We pay cash for scrap and pride ourselves on paying the highest price for scrap metal in Adelaide. We mainly work to secure our natural resources for our future generation. Our team members also dedicated to serve based on that.

We try to make the atmosphere welcoming and friendly for small scrap suppliers so that they don't feel daunted or overwhelmed when they come in. On the other hand, we are still large enough to process large tonnages of scrap that "big business" puts out. At Trading metals Adelaide we pride ourselves on the services we provide, we are always looking for new markets around the world so that we can bring you the best prices for your scrap metal.