Trendy Atlanta is now live!


Trendy Atlanta is a new community resource and business directory for Atlanta residents to enjoy! It is our mission to help local Atlanta businesses get more customers. We want to help them thrive instead of just survive. Every Atlanta resident would benefit from our directory. You can search from local stores, restaurants, events, activities, and more. Every local Atlanta company will be at your fingertips while using our site!

We have over 400 listings that are live on our directory as of opening. That is a lot of Atlanta business directory! However, we know that there must be even more out there. Adding more listings is high priority for us. We are going to make sure that this directory stays relevant and keeps growing. New listings are being added constantly and we will run ads and invest in our website to make our listings better.

If you are a local business owner, we welcome you to submit a listing! We offer both free and premium listings. Even the free listing will give you some exposure. It is well worth the five minutes it takes to fill out the form and submit a listing. Even though our website is new search engines love it.

Trendy Atlanta is owned and operated by Hum JAM. One of Atlanta top digital marketing firms. Hum JAM makes it so that the Trendy Atlanta directory ranks well in Google and other search engines. More visitors to our website mean more visitors to our local business listings. We really love the local businesses of Atlanta and want to help them succeed.

Since we are a brand-new business ourselves, we need your support! Local Atlanta business owners and residents please help us! Help us make this the best community resource Atlanta has to offer. We need as many local businesses as possible to both publish a listing on our directory and then share your listing on your website or social media. Businesses that share us back will get extra love from us. We will feature you on our social medias as well.

Local Atlanta residents bookmark our website. You never know what new awesome restaurant or shop you will find and love on our directory. With so many local listings you never have to eat or shop at the same places if you don’t want to. The city of Atlanta has so many great options when it comes to shopping and dining. Use our directory to explore and re-discover Atlanta and its wonder.

For local business owners that really want to stand out we offer premium listings that have more options to help your business stand out. Plus, with us your listing is for life. Our premium listings never expire if the website is up and operational. That is such a tremendous value. That means you will get advertising for many years for the low price of $79 per listing. However, if $79 is too expensive we offer free listings. The free listings have significantly less features and have less chance of ranking in the search engines.

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