What platforms should your business use?

 With copious amounts of marketing channels or platforms, it can demand some strenuous effort to ascertain which platforms is best suited for your business.

Business owners get tempted to dabble into all of them so as to not miss the maximum potential for their business.

Howbeit, they don’t realize that not all platforms are necessarily suitable for your business or brand reputation.

To be successful in social media marketing for your business, you must know which platforms is ideal for your business, vision, target audience, etc.  

 How to select the marketing platforms?

When you are planning to pick the appropriate marketing platforms for your business, you need to ask yourself some questions.

And when you find out the answers to these questions, you can identify the right platform.

 What’s your business nature?

You need to understand your business, only then will you have an idea where it is most looked for. Unless you know your business properly, you would not be able to pick the right marketing channel.

Suppose that you sell online courses, then your ideal marketing channels would be email marketing, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Email marketing can help you communicate with each prospect in a one-to-one tone, build credibility, nurture leads and retain the customers.

For your email campaign to be successful, you must have a quality email list. An email finder tool could help you with this.

If your courses are for people who are already into a job, you may need their professional email address to get in touch. Let us see how to find it.

 How to find company email addresses?

If you didn’t know how to find company email addresses of your target audience, so not worry. Here is a way.

Use email search tools like GetEmail.io to find the correct email addresses.

I hope this helps.

With the YouTube channel, you can share knowledge for free with your target audience, this will let your audience that you have amazing content and great knowledge.

Now let us discuss the remaining questions you must ask yourself.

 The “Why?”

Do you have any idea about why you are planning to run a marketing campaign and what are your goals and objectives?

This is very significant to get started.

When you have no idea why you want to do marketing and just planning to get into it because everyone else is doing will not yield you anything good.

 The “Who?”

Who is your target audience or the target demographic?

You must remember that based on the age, gender, profession, etc., the popularity of any medium or social media platform varies.

When you know who your targeting, you can pick the one your target segment spends most of their time on.

Therefore, you should define your target audience.

 The “How”

How are you going to track or keep tab on the performance of your campaign?

So, these are the fundamentals that needs to be covered first.

 A few examples

If you are in food industry, then Instagram, YouTube and emails are great platforms to attain customers’ attention.

Besides this Google is also an important media, where people will research to know more about your brand, check for review, pictures, location, etc.

And if you are an artist, then Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse are great.

And if you are a SaaS company, selling to a B2B audiences, then Google, LinkedIn are great ways. Besides this, you can be on the YouTube, where you could post videos about your product features and how it solves a business problem.

 Final thoughts

In order to choose the right platforms for your business, you must first understand business nature, where you audience will likely be, where your prospects begin the search process, or where your competitors are concentrating on to get clients.

Always remember that there is always an evolving trend, you need to be clear with the fundamentals and be in the right platforms in the right period.