Why do Gamers often choose AMD chips for Gaming laptops?


It is not too strange for laptop or computer users for Intel, but what is AMD's processor line? It has some outstanding features that users choose for when using a gaming laptop. In today's article, we will learn why AMD chip gaming laptops are chosen by many users when playing games.

What are AMD chips?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices, known as one of the two major corporations in the world today specializing in manufacturing components for computers and known to users as AMD chips or AMD graphics cards. And AMD is also the biggest competitor of Intel CPUs today.

Although born later than Intel, AMD has quickly affirmed its position in the laptop components market. Because AMD lines have their outstanding features and powerful performance suitable for graphics work or video rendering…

Advantages and characteristics of AMD

Like Intel, AMD lines are divided into many different segments, affordable, mid-range, and high-end to meet all the needs of today's users from office workers to design professionals. Graphics. The first advantage is that the cost of AMD lines, compared to Intel, will be lower in the same segment.


Advantages of gaming laptops with AMD chips

Compared to laptops using Intel's integrated graphics cards, AMD laptops with integrated VGA are more powerful. Because not only is the leading CPU manufacturer, AMD is also famous in graphics cards. AMD's VGA performance is not inferior to NVIDIA graphics card. Therefore, even AMD laptop models. For example, Radeon Vega 10 on the AMD Ryzen chip line is rated about 1.6 times more powerful than the Intel UHD Graphics 620 on the Kabylake Refresh chip line. Next is the 7mn process, which is more energy-efficient and efficient, so AMD gaming laptops have more cores and threads than other CPUs.

AMD chips are commonly used today

As mentioned above, you already know about the advantages and characteristics of AMD CPUs in the laptop market. So below, we will learn about some commonly used AMD lines on the market.

The popular AMD Ryzen series of chips

AMD Ryzen CPU is one of AMD's popular and well-known chip lines. First, AMD Ryzen is equipped with AM4 socket, making it compatible with many different mainboards on the market. In this CPU line is also divided with many different products such as AMD Ryzen 3, AMD Ryzen 5 chip, AMD Ryzen 7 chip and AMD Ryzen 9 chip with different power performance.


AMD Athlon Series

AMD Athlon CPU is known for its super low price and uses socket AM4, but because it is an affordable CPU line, the performance of AMD Athlon is not very strong compared to other lines.

AMD Threadripper Series

AMD Threadripper CPUs are explicitly designed for PCs, running on socket 4049 TR4 version, but to fully exploit this CPU line's power, you must equip your PC with a dedicated mainboard. And to be able to upgrade other parts of the computer, users need to learn carefully about the compatibility of the CPU with the mainboard.


Dedicated AMD Threadripper chip for powerful performance PCs

Because it is the CPU line that many users choose for their PC, AMD manufacturer has constantly improved and developed, so in 2018 launched the second generation AMD Threadripper with excellent technologies and performance to catch up and meet the needs of today's technology users.

AMD Ryzen is AMD's most diverse CPU line, it is in many segments from mid-range to gaming laptops. As prominent as the Ryzen 5000 series, Ryzen 5 are CPUs with a strong performance, so they are often integrated for today's gaming laptops. Along with that, it is also the first AMD line to use 2 socket platforms.


Should I choose Intel or AMD for gaming laptops?

First, for users who do not have too high requirements for the performance of a laptop or computer, using Intel is enough. On the contrary, choose AMD CPU if you are an office worker or a student who needs a laptop for work or entertainment. It will help save costs, and the configuration is also powerful enough to help you in your job.

And if you are an amateur or professional gamer, you should choose AMD because they often have strong performance and the ability to handle tasks quickly. After all, they are designed with more cores and threads, thus helping you to process faster games.

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